Palembang is the second-largest city of Sumatra and an important port. An Ampera bridge connects the two extremes of the city. These days this city is much like other Indonesian cities with snarling traffic and air pollution. But the history and culture of the town is prosperous and long-dated. Palembang was the center of power and authority in the Sriwijaya dynasty, which ruled a significant part of South-east Asia, including Sumatra, Cambodia, and southern Thailand. The exhibits in the city museum tell the story of a gallant, glorious past.

This city is not a mere stopover; if you fly over Pasemah highland, it offers more gems than you think. The cuisine is another important factor; the spicy Sumatra dishes is much loved or hated but not ignored.


Hotels in Palembang are situated at an accessible place; all major malls, restaurants, and cafes are within a small radius. You are welcomed by polite, etiquette staff, and with a delicious, fantastic expansive spread breakfast. If your birthday falls within the stay, it will be celebrated with pomp and show, and of course with a cake. From the attached balcony of the room, you can watch the spectacular sunrise or moonlit horizon. The rooms are quite spacious, fitted with king-size beds, wardrobes, air-condition, and Wi-Fi connection. The city center and other places of attraction is within walking distance from the hotel.

Balaputra Dewa Museum

This excellent museum exhibits items from the Sriwijaya era. The megalithic carvings, along with the famous elephant stones, will draw your attraction. Other noticeable displays are rich assortments of intricately woven songkets and other articles ranging from Palembang sultana, Dutch era, and Japanese invasion during World War II. You will find a traditional house on the museum’s backside, which is depicted in a 10,000Rp currency. The museum is located about 5 kilometers from the city, toward the airport.

Ampera Bridge

The stunning red color bridge is inspired by the famous twin bridge in London and was inaugurated on 30th September 1965. The bridge is 224 meters in length, 61 meters wide, and underneath clearance of 9 meters. The mechanism of the bridge facilitated boat movement as the central part of it can be raised. Half an hour is needed to complete lifting the midsection, which caused an unnecessary delay on the ships’ passageway. This mechanism is no longer operational, as the bridge has depressed on the sedimentation below. Ships cannot pass under this bridge since 1970, as it has created disturbance of the flowing traffic, and due to structural damage of the bridge.

In spite, this bridge remains a tourist attraction and a salient feature in the cityscape. Many locals love to stroll over the bridge going to the other part of the city. To have an impressive view of this landmark, visit the place at night. After sunset, all lights are switched on, making the panorama beautiful. This bridge may not be as impressive as London’s Twin Bridge or golden bridge in San Francisco but holds tremendous historical and emotional values to natives.

Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island is a popular vacation and leisure spot located in the middle of the Musi River. The impressive nine stairs Chinese pagoda is a significant tourist attraction. Tree of love is a lover spot mingle with a romance saga of a Chinese price and Indonesian princess. The local myth is scripting the couple’s name on the tree trunk brings an abundance of love and luck. Take a boat trip to see the beautiful surroundings of the island.

The island is just 6 kilometers downstream from Ampera Bridge The scenic, serene environment allures travelers from across the globe. This isolated heaven is a mere 40 kilometers away from the dean and bustle of Palembang city. Apart from the beautiful, striking panorama, many fests and carnivals around the temples attract locals and tourists. You can charter a boat from Ampera Bridge to reach this place directly. Along the passage, you can watch floating gas stations and stilt houses.

Baba Ong BoenTjit House

To reach this remote gem destination, hire a traditional boat, and they move fast. Once you visit, the experience will be treasured forever. Cross the wooden bridge to reach the mainland. The current owners are descendants of Baba Boen Tjit; if you meet them, the importance and saga of the two hundred old structures will be explained to you. Ong BoenTjit is the only existing Chinese heritage in good condition. As the mansion is situated at the Musi Riverbank, which is 300meters wide, you can watch the blazing sun disappearing on the horizon, and dusk slowly engulfs this heritage building. There is a plaza in front of the mansion, and the fence kisses the river water; it is terrific on the sunlight falls on the water and dazzles.

Al-Qur’an Al-Akbar

Al-Qur’an Al-Akbar or Al Quran Giant is the largest wood curving of the Quran in the world. It was unveiled in 2011, and since then, it has been one of the tourist attractions. Tembusu wood is used to erect the structure, and 40 cubic meters of wood is used. Each page measures around 177x140x25 centimeters. The scripture has 630 pages written in Arabic alphabets in golden yellow color with floral pattern imprinted on the edges.

Taman WisataHutanPunti Kayu

This is a forest in the middle of Palembang city. The tropical climate is beneficial for the forest’s flourishing, which is situated opposite Myria hospital. There are many rare species of animals in this open enclosure.

If you want to have some fun on the water bodies, there are many water-themed parks around the city. Opi waterfront is the most popular one. The water park sprawls around 3 hectares in the middle of the city. There are many wonderful water rides to give you some thrilling moments. Even if swimming is not your passion, you can spend a fun-filled day over here with the family. The park offers something for everybody, from kid rides to adrenaline rushing adolescence and adult outings. The entry time is from nine in the morning to six in the evening on weekdays and 8 AM to 6:30 PM on public holidays.