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You must lead a life with no excuses, and for that, you have to travel with no regrets. When you are young, and you are high on adrenaline, it should be put into action. You must plan your trips to get away from the human cacophony and mechanical life. The best trips are made by the young lads who are ready to work an extra hour to earn a penny and walk an extra mile to discover themselves.

For this, the students need to follow specific tips so that they can make the best of their bucks spent.

  1. Plan Ahead: You have the group and the date fixed, then why do you have to delay the booking for the flight or accommodation when you can get at a low price. The last-minute booking can make your journey more of jeopardy, and it can make you shed a lot more bucks than your budget. Always prefer to travel in a lean season as the places would be less crowded and prices would also be low. Create a budget for all sorts of factors which include accommodation, food, recreation costs.
  2. Volunteer: You must try to volunteer when you travel abroad. Not only will it help you to save money, but the experience is damn too exciting. Free accommodation will help you spend a bit more for travel. If you have a free skill, you must into use it for free food or free drop some nearby place.
  3. Student Discounts: The students can use the Coupon Hub student discounts to look for special discounts for flight or train or bus tickets and accommodation like cheap hotels. Often you can get travel perks along with the affordable accommodation. There is an International Student Identity Card which you can use it world-wide to get discounts over 150,000. Do make the best use of the Discounts at your will.
  4. Ridesharing:  This is an excellent option to save money while travelling in a distant land. There are many apps which you can use for the road trips and share your rides with others for the same road. When you are on for ride sharing, do get knowledge of the places and the other stuff so that it might help you while exploring the place. Often while you are going on the same road with some strangers, there might be a chance that they are also first-time travellers in that area, so use this chance to get along well with them. It might be a blessing in disguise as your wanderlusts can share rooms in a hotel to cut the expense.
  5. Work, travel and Earn: How does it sound when you can earn you are travelling? It is compelling right. Students can take internships to various sectors which would help them to work as well as earn while they are travelling. You have to deal with the visa stuff. If you have International Experience Canada, things can go wonderfully well. You would be enriched with cultural knowledge as well. Work for maximum for 8- 9 hours and then take your backpacks to travel and explore the place. In this young age, you can become independent and know how the outside world runs. Time and money are both precious, so fulfil your dreams and fill your pockets too.
  6. Stay cheap or Free: If you are not interested in volunteering, you can minimise your costs where you lie down. Look for free places to stay and connect with travellers in public places like the bus station or train station. It is always good to connect with a local and check whether you can get a room at a cheap rate for a night or two. The students can also look for hostels which offer free accommodation, or they charge per bed at a minimal rate. In this way, you meet other guys of your age and get to know a lot. You can share everything food, drinks and conveyance. It will be a huge perk if you are backpacking solo.
  7. Usage of Social media: You won’t get lost if you are on social media. So, make the efficient use of the social platform if you are unable to get immediate help from the people in and around you. Post your destination and ask whether anyone is on the same way or not it might help you save a few bucks as well.

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