Tap into the Full Potential of Instagram Promotion and Email Marketing for Business


When you are looking for ways in which you can promote your business, the online marketing strategies are some options that you can resort to in the contemporary times, with everything we do getting digitalized; the digital marketing is also grasping the market like a significant upheaval in the marketing industry. There are so many new ways in which you can promote your business when you are opting for the Instagram marketing. The potential of Instagram marketing is evolving over the times, and you can quickly gain many followers from these social media platforms when you make the most of them for promotional needs. Millions of people access the social media platforms across the globe, and they spent a significant amount of time during the day surfing through these platforms which is why the social media platforms are perfect places for gaining more and more followers for your business page.

Email marketing – The oldest form of digital marketing

Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, and it is still in vogue. Many people even today prefer subscribing to the newsletter of the websites they dedicatedly follow for getting the latest update. You can easily use Instagram marketing and email marketing in sync with each other when you have a precise idea about ways in which you can sync them both and work them out together. There are different types of marketing methods which you can rely on for using it for the prosperity of your business. Here we are going to discuss the ways in which you can use Instagram and email marketing together to get the best results for your business promotion. Both the methods are foolproof if you employ them correctly with care.

Instagram as an untapped source of images

Instagram is noted for generating the extraordinarily high level of viewer engagement in the minimum time possible by its unique interface that allows you to share images and videos only and write minimum. There is an option to direct message and chat which is just about right for providing you enough interaction opportunity necessary for marketing purpose. The marketers rely on Instagram for promoting their business through relevant images but also use Facebook and other related social media as well. The feature on Instagram which allows you to simultaneously share the image on all other social media platforms which are connected to your profile ensures that you have enough exposure from all the social media platforms combined. If you are among those who are relying on social media promotion, this is a great feature that will save time, and you will not have to share the content on your other social platforms individually. You can share it once on Instagram and allow the post to be visible on the other social channels as well. If your other social profiles are in sync with your Instagram, it would be enough to ensure the images are being shared.

Relevance is the key

It is essential that you choose an image which is relevant to the type of business that you have. The hashtags and the caption along with the image should all be in sync so that you are able to reap the maximum benefit from the Instagram account. You have an application like Gramista which can help you with finding the latest relevant and trending hashtags which you can apply along with your image so that the viewers can find your content easily on the page. There are different types of images related to the business, and you can share them through Instagram as well as through the email subscription. The email subscription is very easy to handle when you have professionals who are aiding you with the work. There are different expectations of the customers who are viewing your Instagram page as well as the emails, and you must ensure that they get the impression about the versatility of your business and how it caters to the needs of a mass majority.

Email marketing

The email marketing campaign is a very classic way of promoting your products and business. You can easily design a newsletter with images which are from your Instagram page and add buttons to reach out to the Instagram page for the customers. The email marketing this way can be synced with your Instagram account and hence you can draw much traffic from both the sources when they are working together. Make sure that your email marketing strategy is subtle and your subscriber does not feel like you are pushing your brand and choking their inbox with an influx of your newsletter. It should be subtly maintained that your emails do not feel like spam for the subscribers and they do not feel the necessity to mark your newsletters as spam which can have a negative impact on your popularity as a brand.


When you are trying to promote your business through the social platforms, you need to seek help from professionals about the various relevant services. There are different social media platforms which you can rely on and get solution to all kinds of trouble that you are facing with the promotional works. There is a separate application as well which you can use for managing your Instagram account in particular. The users of the Instagram account can always gain more and more followers when they use the account along with email subscription. There are different types of benefits which you can enjoy when you are opting for the email subscription and the Instagram page together. It can be concluded that when you know the best solution to Instagram promotion, you can reap maximum benefit from the page that you have. Connect with digital marketing agency Singapore today.

Author bio: Kat Forbes is a noted digital marketing expert who specializes in using the Gramista. Her articles about innovative ways of promoting your business through social media are very realistic and authentic which you can follow and gain some insights about the same.

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