Mobile gaming is predicted to be of a total worth of $100 by the end of 2017 and this is the time when the casino industry is going to be mammoth, like people have never seen before. Thanks to the advancements of technology which has bolstered this growth of the casinos but the question is what the future holds for casinos and gambling industry? Thousands of years back, it was a practice of dice rolling and then to the slot machines of 1800s, gambling has always been an integral part of the western culture since centuries. In spite of the changes within the industry, it is still popular.

The changing face of gambling and betting with the innovation of mobile apps

It is indeed an understatement when it is said that smartphones have revolutionised all parts of our lives. From banking to eating out, from shopping to catching up with your friends, you would struggle to get something which doesn’t have any digital footprint. The casino industries aren’t an exception. With 170 million people getting easy access to online casinos and the amount of bets which are placed on hand-held devices surpassing $100 billion, it is indeed clear that the way in which people gamble are changing.

Since mobile phones are getting more and more advanced, there are large numbers of mobile tech trends which shape the entire future of online gambling via mobiles. For instance, there has been enough talk about including virtual reality in online gaming slots. Gradually, it is being seen that the fine lines between online and physicals are blurring and technology is actually bringing about a serious change in this industry. More and more gamers are striving hard to receive immersive and innovative experiences. They even want games to be convenient and accessible.

The competition being faced by the physical casinos

With the popularity of online casinos like Thunderbolt casino and many other contemporaries, there is a tough competition that is being faced by the brick-and-mortar casinos to stay afloat. When there was a time when they were the ones who reigned supreme, now they are facing the biggest challenge of how to attract customers from the online casinos and gambling slots. With the incorporation of technology, the gap between the mobile and online experience is being bridged. Touchscreen kiosks and tablets are commonplace now bringing second-screen experience to betting inside stores.

The tables and games of conventional casinos are gradually being replaced with better models and the institutions are all fighting against abuse of technology and fraudsters. There have been small changes so far which could make a huge difference. One more thing which has got a good scope is virtual reality which can alter the casino experience of high street. This could mean different experience, more machines and more gamers who could plead themselves to use this tech.

What about the technology of smartwatches?

There is fresh technology for smartwatches which bears a challenging potential in the market for slot machines which could make a comeback for the one-armed bandits or the slot machines. By utilizing Siri Voice activation, the apps meant for Apple smartwatches could bring on something that is more futuristic. However, the apps for poker would need an aesthetic design which is efficient at the same time too.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about how technology has brought about a change in the online gaming industry, you should definitely take into account the above mentioned details on online gambling. Join this new online casino industry in order to get the best that you may want.