The Best Emojis To Use When You Are Mad


We all use emojis to express a particular feeling or emotion. Yes, we can also use emojis to express feelings of anger. What better way to say that you are mad by using the perfect emoji for that emotion? Let someone know that they crossed a line by using any of these emojis. You can even mix all of these emojis in a message to make sure they understand.

Emojis are available for a reason. These are modern tools to help us relate to whoever we are chatting or texting. You can be bold and not use a single word in your text message. Use an angry emoji alone, and they will get the message.

You can also use these emojis when your favorite sports team is losing. You can use these kinds of emojis whenever a feeling of anger arises. These kinds of emojis are the perfect way to tell someone that they are getting on your last nerve.

Devil Emoji

The devil emoji is one of the popular emojis. It is because a lot of people today use this emoji spell trouble. Anger and evil intentions are what the devil emoji is all about. It is also called the smiling face with horns emoji. You could somehow mark your territory in a conversation by using the smiling face with horns emoji.

The devil emoji is not limited only to feelings of anger. The younger generation found a way to use the devil emoji for sexual intent. I guess their age refers to their sexual kinks through the smiling face with horns emoji. Sexually, it could mean that someone has been a bad boy or a bad girl.

There is no better emoji to use when you feel like doing a prank on someone. You can also use the devil emoji to show other people how naughty you can be. Use this emoji to any of your anger, trouble, naughty endeavors.

Angry Emoji

There is no better way of saying that you are angry than the angry face emoji. The angry emoji correctly states that “you are getting on my last nerve.” This emoji is the perfect emoji to use when you want people to back up and slow down.

There are two variations to the angry emoji. The angry face emoji design from google features a red face with an angry face. No matter which version you choose, your feelings of anger, rage, and outrage will be clear towards the person you are texting. Facebook’s version comes in with clenched teeth.

Use the angry emoji to refer to your grumpiness at the moment. You can also use the angry emoji when you want to act tough and mark your territory. Also, you can express your extreme displeasure about anything or anyone with this emoji.

Skull Emoji

The skull emoji comes in with a cartoon-esque human skull. You get the basic skull image filled with the black eye sockets. Typically, this emoji talks about death. However, you can also use it to express your frustration about something.

This emoji has so many meanings. The meaning of the skull emoji could depend on the context of your message. If you are feeling frustrated about something or someone, make sure to use this emoji to let that someone know.

You can also use this emoji as a tool to go with the phrase “dying of blank.” You could be dying of frustration, laughter, or any emotions of yours.


Use these emojis to let anyone know that you are not pleased. Nothing conveys the feelings of anger, rage, and irritability than these emojis about passion. You can bring these emojis up in the perfect situation and stand your ground. You can also use and mix these emojis up so that your message is loud and clear.








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