The Best Kitchen Countertop Material


Every kitchen countertop material is different and you will notice the changes with time. When it is about selecting a countertop of your choice, it is extremely necessary to be careful. Never run behind appearances only for kitchen countertops. There are a lot of other things to deal with. The material of the kitchen countertop has an important role to play. 

Whenever choosing a kitchen countertop material, you will need to determine which one suits you the most. The design, usage and preferences will matter a lot. Hence, make sure to choose accordingly. 

Quartz and granite have always been on the list for countertops. They are available in different shapes and sizes and hence can fit into any kitchen environment. Every kitchen countertop is different and you will need to take into consideration the shape, size and functionality. 


Each countertop material will have a different appearance. As a result, you will need to make a choice accordingly. The comptoir granite au Sommet has a range of countertop materials that can help to change the overall look. 

  • Seamless look: As the name suggests, the seamless look has no visible seams and is usually found in Corian solid surface countertops. 
  • Natural beauty: If you want a natural touch in your kitchen innterms of pattern and color, you should prefer getting granite countertops. 
  • Rich color: If you want a countertop material that has vibrant touch, then nothing can be better than all the three materials, quartz, granite and Corian. These are available in different shades such as yellow, green, purple, orange and more. Most of these are made of man-made pigments and recycled materials to bring out the most. 

Durability and maintenance

The kitchen countertop’s durability and maintenance would completely depend on your lifestyle. Before choosing a countertop, you will need to ask a few questions such as

How much time will you need for maintenance? 

Will the material be able to keep up with your lifestyle? 

Quartz and Corian are non-porous materials that are stain-resistant as well. Granite is extremely durable but it is prone to staining and cracking, which is why you may want to avoid it. But on sealing, granite wouldn’t need much maintenance. 


Quartz is one of the most expensive materials, while granite is the least expensive as compared to quartz and Corian solid surface. There are other countertop options too such as laminate. Hence, make sure to consider all your choices. 

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