The Best Steel Propane Powered Scooter For 2017


Over the years, a lot of effort has been made to develop powerful machines that burn cleaner fuels that can be used in place of gasoline vehicles. The automobile industry has made a lot of progress in this area with the development of machinery powered by various fuel sources other than petrol, especially for domestic use. A particular brand that is gaining popularity in the market is the steel propane powered scooters. This pollution-free device has been designed to serve as a suitable replacement for gasoline and electric powered scooters. They seem to offer more benefit and are more environmentally friendly. A perfect example of a propane powered scooter, you will find very useful is the ProGo 3000 scooter.

The PROGO Propane Scooter: Some main features

You might be more familiar with many gasoline and electrically powered scooters as they have been around for a while. However, propane powered scooters promise more comfort and safety, not just for you, but for everyone around. Below are some of the main features of ProGo 3000that makes it an excellent ride.


Compared to many gasoline and electric powered scooters, ProGo is available for a cheaper price. You should be able to get yours for a price anywhere from $300 to $400. This is a pretty fair price for a long term investment like ProGo Scooter.

Fast tank filling

Compared to gasoline tanks, filling the tank in a steel propane powered scooter is pretty easier and faster. Also, you don’t need to recharge a battery frequently. This means you can spend most of your time on the road when travelling with ProGo 3000.

Light dry weight

With a dry weight of only 35 lbs, ProGo 3000 is as light as a feather. Even kids can comfortably handle the small machine. But still, it can support heavy loads up to 200 pounds.

Easy maintenance

The simple and compact design of this machine makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

Less Noise

The use of a 25cc four stroke engine ensures that ProGo 3000 produces less noise, allowing you to have a good ride without disturbing yourself or the people around.


Unlike gasoline, which is not always of the same quality, propane is the same and there is no variation in quality.

Benefits of Using Progo 3000

  • Easy handling especially for elderly people
  • The gas container can be easily replaced.
  • Comfortable sitting arrangement
  • Propane is affordable and readily available
  • Operates with less noise
  • Very comfortable to manoeuvre
  • No need for regular battery recharging or replacement
  • Quick to fill tank
  • Has a quiet operation
  • You can rely on the quality of propane
  • Produces little or no vibration

Some Downside of ProGo 3000

Propane fuel consumption in the ProGo Scooter is pretty much compared to that of gasoline. It is also difficult to run at maximum power due to the mixture of propane and air.

However, since you can always find propane everywhere, then it shouldn’t be so hard to live with this. Perhaps, filling the tank doesn’t take any time.

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