The British Herald Difference 


British Herald is an online information and news delivery platform with a difference, stepping up the ladder and thereby, establishing its name in the online media market. Within a year, the brand has successfully reinvented itself and carved a niche in the digital media scene. Here are a few of the things that give British Herald that competitive edge over its contemporaries: 

  • What’s In A Name?

The first and foremost point that stands out about British Herald is its spectacular name. British Herald is a name that demands respect, echoes of the rich heritage of the UK and resonates its message to the world. The name is a proud testament to a story that began in the 1860s and thrives with undeniable energy up to this day. 

The British Herald office is set in Knightsbridge, right in the heart of London. And it thumps on a pulse that matches the incessant pulse of this vibrant city. 

  • Where Britain Meets The World 

British Herald stands by its brand tagline which states ‘Where Britain Meets The World’. This is a gentle peek behind the work that goes into making British Herald the news source that it is. This platform delivers regional news and makes it a point to report global news as well. British Herald works on the principle of ‘from the world, to the world’. All the unbiased news articles that go up on British Herald are compiled from sources around the world, written for readers from around the world. 

Checkout the latest edition of British Herald Magazine.

  • Franchising- Making Its Mark In Global Locations 

One of the features that really sets British Herald apart is a feature that’s unheard of in the media network- franchising. With the main office set in London, British Herald is now eyeing global locations. The first British Herald franchise office outside London is, as we speak, being set up in China. 

  • Giving Back To The Community 

British Herald believes in giving back to the community and not too long ago, British Herald has begun the annual Business & Leadership Awards. The 2019 installment of the awards night had a fundraising dinner in honour of achievers in the fields of business and entrepreneurship. The event was held in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Foundation with the intention of raising funds that is utilised towards bettering the lives of people living with cancer in the UK. 

  • The ‘IT’ Factor 

The British Herald owner Ansif Ashraf is a prominent figure in the field of technology. He has been awarded by individuals and organisations of international repute, in the field of IT and IoT (Internet of Things). His interactions with pioneers in the field His background in technology allows him to envision a British Herald growth trajectory that might not be as apparent to someone who doesn’t have a similar background. The experienced leadership team is able to drive and take British Herald to the next level. 

While British Herald continues to scale new heights, these are the highlights that set the brand apart. 

Meta title: The British Herald difference 

Meta description: British Herald is an online information and news delivery platform with a difference

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