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The world is full of people and issues among people are quite common, which can easily hinder the peace in society. To maintain harmony in a society, laws have been created for everyone to follow, and those who break the law are taught a lesson through punishments. So the question is, who will be acting as the mediator between law and people to get the right judgment. A lawyer is the answer to this question as these professionally trained individuals are specialized in representing clients before the judge in a courtroom. If you are in Albany NY and looking for the best lawyer, then The Colwell Law Group founded by Kevin M. Colwell is the right choice for you.

About Kevin Michael Colwell

Kevin completed his law school graduation in 1997 and after that, he worked as an Assistant Counsel in the Columbia County Public Defender’s Office for a few years. He has worked in various aspects of the law such as criminal cases, abuse & neglect cases, and divorce and child custody. Initially, he was an Associate to Roland, Fogel, Koblenz & Petroccione, LLP law firm in Albany but after it was dissolved in 2005 Kevin founded The Colwell Law Group in partnership with Emilio Petroccione.

The Colwell Law Group, LLC

This firm is one of the leading law companies in Albany, NY and has been serving the public since 2005. With a highly experienced and skilled team of lawyers, this firm has always provided the best results to its clients. Keeping client satisfaction as the prime motive, their team always makes sure to provide you with counsel along with legal support. The types of cases for which you can seek help from this law group are:

Child Custody

One of the biggest issues after getting separated from your life partner is child custody. This is a legal issue and needs to be sorted in the court only by a specialized and experienced legal representative to present your case strongly & win the case for you. Colwell Law Group’s team specializes in various child custody cases such as:

Father’ Rights, Grandparents Rights, Interstate Child Support and Spousal Actions, Interstate Custody Application, Parental Relocation & Paternity


Divorce can be one of the most stressful & hectic family issues for anyone. These cases can be quite sensitive and need to be handled by an experienced law representative. Various divorce scenarios include:

Child Support, Division of Pensions and Retirement Accounts, Finances, Property Distribution, Separation Agreements, Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) Temporary Relief in Divorce

Family Law

Family law includes legal cases such as:

Domestic Violence, Enforcement Of A Court Order, Modifications, Prenuptial Agreements & Collaborative Divorce

If you need any of the above cases to be handled for you in the best possible way, then you might get in touch with the Kevin M. Colwell from the Colwell Law firm today. Their team will make you feel perfect while getting the judgments in your favor always.

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