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The designers’ choice for 2018/19 is tartan carpets



Carpet can be everything in a room – it can make it or break it. Your choice of flooring can complete the style of your home, whilst providing ultimate comfort and warmth. Choosing a tartan carpet is no different – which is this (and next) year’s designers’ top choice for homes, hotels, leisure areas and more. With a range of colours and styles available, it’s advisable that you do your research before committing to a particular tartan carpet.

A tartan carpet differs from all other styles because instantly, it’ll become the main attraction of any room. When choosing your tartan carpets, try to consider what the main colours used are, such as browns, creams and greys and get them to compliment your wall colours. An easy way to add a touch of class and elegance to any room or area of your home, choosing a tartan carpet is guaranteed to make you feel completely relaxed and at home.


There are a number of materials available when choosing a tartan carpet but two of the most popular materials are polypropylene and wool. Wool tartan carpets can certainly bring longevity. When cared for correctly, wool can withstand general stains and soiling and it’s also likely to keep its shape and height. If you have pets or children, polypropylene is a material that is probably better suited to your home. Offering the best protection for stains and with a softer surface, it offers crawling children a safer surface to move around on. It’s also a cheaper material so if you’re decorating on a budget, this is the ideal option for you.


When it comes to laying your tartan carpets, you should invest in suitable underlay. Your underlay should be changed every few years so if you’re about to lay your tartan carpet, then you should take this into account. Naturally, underlay flattens over time and reacts to spills and stains. Its thickness will add comfort and warmth and will help to protect your carpet for much longer – meaning you’ll be getting your money’s worth.


Choosing the right tartan carpet for your lifestyle and home can take time, however, once you have, you can rest assured that the style and look of your home will be utterly transformed. Bringing comfort and homeliness wherever used, a tartan carpet will absolutely offer class and elegance, regardless of your lifestyle. With so many colours and styles, you’re guaranteed to find something suited to you and your home, or wherever you may be!

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