The Hidden Health and Beauty Benefits of Honey


Honey has been a highly sought after commodity since the dawn of time. Perfect for cooking or to be eaten raw, the rich bee nectar can be used in vast ways to benefit the user. No one can resist the taste of sweet Smiley Honey, however, there is a lot more to it than just the decadent flavor. Being a natural humectant means honey has the ability to lock-in moisture. This quality makes it particularly apt in the hair department.

For Hair

Itchy and dry scalp sufferers will be relieved by just a teaspoon and a cup of warm milk applied directly to the scalp. It acts as a post shampoo conditioner that once rinsed it leaves the hair smooth and shiny and less susceptible to frizz. It also helps to build stronger hair follicles to increase thickness and length. Stimulating dormant follicles can also prevent hair loss and promote regrowth. It does this by clearing away impurities and buildup leaving a luxurious shine. Want natural highlights? Honey has the enzyme glucose oxidase which releases hydrogen peroxide only an hour after applying for a natural lighter hair. So before buying those fancy shampoos and conditioners, look in your pantry instead. 

Helping to make sure you always have a great hair day is not the only thing that honey can improve naturally, as it also boasts bountiful health benefits.    

Nourishing Minerals

Iron, calcium, and magnesium are on the top list of mineral deficiencies currently affecting 25% of people worldwide. Orange blossom honey was found to contain these and more key nutrients that have become scarce in the modern diet. Although the level of potency depends on where the honey was gathered, every little bit counts when it comes to providing the body with each necessary element.     

First Aid

On top of the multiple uses to help heal inside the body, honey is a must-have for the first aid kit as well. Natural honey, in particular, has been found to possess superior antibacterial qualities and it is able to fight off germs and pathogens more efficiently than other types. It is used to treat bug bites by utilizing its antibacterial qualities to fight off itchy and irritated skin. It can cleanse minor wounds and reduce the chance of infections. It has also been found to be very effective against  E. Coli and Salmonella.

Sleep Aid

While most sweet ingredients, like sugars and syrups, have an adverse effect on sleep, a teaspoon of Smiley Honey and a sprinkle of salt can help to calm stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that cause insomnia, restlessness, and early waking. 

Mental Health

Its calming qualities can also aid anxiety by mitigating metabolic stressors. Less stress and a calmer mind improve memory and focus. There have also been many studies conducted that pose honey as a possible effective treatment for depression. 


Coughs and sore throats can also find comfort with the use of a little honey providing much-needed relief during the colder seasons or for allergy sufferers. The digestive tract will also benefit and it works wonders for settling a queasy stomach.

 When choosing the type of honey to use, raw unfiltered honey provides the best results for most uses. No matter what the affliction, pure products not only produce some of the sweetest indulgences for taste buds. It also works better than its highly processed or watered down counterparts. 

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