The Importance Of Gift Giving In Today’s Society 


Our society has changed so much from a community that moved forward together through development and innovations to a society that has never been more connected with advanced communication and internet systems. But despite all the developments, human beings have never been more disconnected in their lives. Despite all this, everyone deserves to feel appreciated and cherished during their special days and other important times of the year. Buying presents for loved ones in customised gift boxes like HAWI can be the first step in that direction too. 

Gift giving in Australia has existed since the dawn of the modern man. People, communities and families share presents with each other to show the value and appreciation they have, and on top of that, like all traditions, gift-giving is customary. It might be surprising to know that Australians spend about 20 billion dollars on gift buying based on a habit study conducted on one thousand Australians. Most of these gifts are from spouses and partners, with generation z contributing to its bulk. They consist of wedding gifts, anniversaries, Christmas and birthday presents. Many of such gift sprees are primarily unplanned, but ironically, most prefer cash as a form of present. 

Importance of Gift Giving

Why gift giving holds a special place in everyone’s heart could be because it shows immense love and appreciation without wanting anything in return. This is followed by an incredible feeling of self-satisfaction that arises when seeing someone’s face light up when seeing their presents. The act of giving has been proved to feel much more satisfactory and valuable than being on the receiving end. Maybe that’s why it’s special because it can’t be measured by worth but only by an emotional scale. Take a look at why people generally gift presents to each other:

Expression of love: Gift giving is an essential act of love that can strengthen relationships. It shows how deeply the other person cares with gifts consisting of chocolate or other treats being the most famous expression of love. Getting a customised gift set from stores like HAWI shows how much a person cares and appreciates the relationship. 

1. Saying Thank You: Remembering an individual who helped people through tough times is vital and makes them feel special too. Giving gifts is one of the sweetest ways where an individual can show their thankfulness. 

2. Celebration Of Important Occasions: Anniversaries are the most typical days where gifts are exchanged. It can be an anniversary of a married couple or a business, or a corporation. Birthdays are also special occasions requiring such gestures to let them know that they remember and cherish their friendship and love. 

3. As A Way Of Saying Sorry: There will always be moments when a simple thank you won’t suffice. Giving gifts during such moments can help individuals understand each other and compromise or apologise for their mistakes. 

Even in corporate cultures, many businesses have adopted the practice of gift-giving to show appreciation for long time customers and employees. Gifts in the corporate world can enhance connections and build relationships with customers, clients and hardworking employees in the building. Although companies usually refrain from giving incentives and cash, gift cards or vouchers are the most common, with customised gift baskets prevalent in the corporate gifting world. 

So buy some gifts, show appreciation for the relevant people and feel the happiness and joy that comes from gift-giving.

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