Dehydration is the root cause of many common health issues, including constipation, fatigue, and mood problems. Thus, having a clean water supply is essential.

However, don’t let these facts fool you into stocking up on plastic water bottles. Plastic waste only leads to more water contamination and conservation problems.

Instead, enjoy environmental benefits, clean drinking water, and fewer health concerns by switching to purified water.

Discover even more reasons to purify your water and easy purification methods you can do at home.

Purified Water vs. Tap Water

Water is just water, right?

When people think of dirty water, they usually think of visibly polluted lakes or muddy puddles. Unfortunately, contaminated water can be deceiving. Even crystal-clear water could be filled with contaminants.

Luckily, tap water is regulated to avoid hazardous chemical levels and contamination. However, weather events, pipe bursts, and other incidences may affect a city’s water supply. Thus, it’s always good to have a backup water source.

Even clean household tap water contains chlorine, while many cities allow fluoride in households and public water supply.

The following chemicals and contaminants have also been detected in public water systems:

  • Herbicides
  • Nitrates
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals (synthetic)
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBEs)
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Perchlorate

If you regularly drink straight tap water, invest in water testing to avoid potential health issues. Bottled water is still an option, but that comes with extra waste. Otherwise, find a purification solution to remove the above contaminants.

Bottled Water vs. Purified Water

The biggest benefit of bottled water is immediacy and convenience. Bottled water comes fresh, filtered, and ready to go. Plus, many consumers enjoy the taste of bottled water over chilled tap water.

They’re popular in offices, gyms, and running events, but are they ideal for everyday hydration?

Unfortunately, too many discarded water bottles end up in the ocean despite the best efforts to recycle plastic waste. This point is something to think about if you depend on bottled water.

You can enjoy the same great taste from your at-home filtration system if flavor is the issue. There are a few purification methods out there, but you can always try sunlight first. Sunlight is actually the first water purification method!

Like natural sunlight purification, UV water purification systems also harness the power of ultraviolet rays to eliminate 99.9% of waterborne organisms. While the upfront cost is more than a 24-pack of water bottles, the long-term savings and environmental benefits far outweigh the cons.

Best Practices for Purifying Water and Improving Environmental Benefits

While water filtration systems lessen environmental impact, filters themselves can be a problem. Remember to clean your filters before safely disposing of discarded products.

Fill a few pitchers of purified water and store them in the fridge. Refrigeration will improve the taste. Plus, you can squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice for flavor.

Enjoy Water Without the Worry

It’s time to start hydrating again!

Avoid the pitfalls of dehydration and sketchy tap water. Save these tips to enjoy refreshing purified water, better health, and environmental benefits.

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