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League of Legends is a strategy game belonging to the MOBA sub- genre, and in fact being one of its precursors (next to Defense of the Ancients for Warcraft 3). The production was released in the F2P model and is one of the most popular games in the world, regularly dominating the list of the most profitable free computer titles. The American company Riot Games is responsible for its development and release. The game ushered in a universe in which several other games of this developer were also embedded.


League of Legends takes place in a classic fantasy world called Valoran. For years, the land was digested by the war, which was increasingly devastating it, so one day the conflicted states decided that from now on they would resolve conflicts in a different way. Representatives of the nation will form the title league of legends, get into teams and will fight in specially prepared arenas. In this way with minimal bloodshed all international disputes are resolved.


In League of Legends, we observe the action from an isometric perspective. The game starts with choosing the hero to be guided in a given battle. The list of heroes is very extensive, and each of them has different special skills. Then we get to the closed arena, where in the company of several other people we clash with the opposing team. You can make use of the tft boost  in this gaming task.

  • The game in LoL combines elements of strategic games and action RPGs. Buildings and the so-called buildings are available on the maps. creatures, or creatures controlled by AI, which try to destroy them. The main task of the players is to stop the creatures and defend their own structures while attacking the enemy’s terrains – it is worth being careful because the towers deal damage to the heroes (the key is to cooperate with other players and hide behind their creatures). Destroying the building allows you to move the front, thereby bringing us closer to victory (destruction of the enemy base). It is worth noting that the death of the character does not end the game – after some time we are reborn at the starting place.
  • As the game progresses, we develop our hero, who gains new special skills (using them requires a special resource called mana), finally gaining access to the powerful Ultimate attack. Before the match starts, we can partially adjust the pool of available options, as well as choose runes and specializations that affect character statistics.

When playing, we also collect gold

Currency allows you to buy items that give you an edge in battle. One of the best ways to accumulate wealth is to kill monsters on the map that are not associated with any of the teams – they are located outside the main avenues, in the so-called jungle. We also receive a lot of gold for defeating an enemy hero.

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