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The Right Equipment to EnsureSafety and Productivity of Your Construction Site


Construction employees are exposed to several risks, including crashes, collapses, and property damage. Although there is no way to eliminate all risk factors in a site, safety devices can help avoid such incidents. Safe construction equipment is a necessity for maintaining a hazard-free work environment. Hence, you may also invest in:

Object Detection Systems (ODS)

Heavy-duty machinery used in construction sites poses a risk if handled carelessly. These vehicles have larger blind spots, encompassing the back and nearside and the front, mainly due to elevated driver positions. The terrain on which these types of machinery function is rugged. The vehicles are more violently exposed to the elements, and dense dust further limits visibility. ODS is a perfect solution for these problems.

These devices follow ISO 5006 specifications for earthmoving equipment. According to ISO specifications, the operator must detect the presence of a standing individual (approximately 1.5m tall) 1m away from the machine’s perimeter to ensure correct, efficient, and secure operation.

Use Excavators to Enhance Productivity

A construction company is driven by excavating, grading, and site planning. You need productive vacuum excavation equipment to complete all these tasks with ease without demanding regular maintenance. Anyone working in construction sites already knows that their job will be impossible to complete without the right crawler or wheel excavator.

Contractors rely on these devices and their attachments to help them bid correctly and work on several projects simultaneously without losing too much capital on maintenance and operation costs.

Getting the right equipment will help you shape the basis for your personnel decisions, no matter if you subcontract your services to larger companies or specialize in a specific segment.

Wheel Loaders for Faster and Better Work

Wheel loaders are a valuable tool for construction and waste treatment facilities because of their size and capacity. Understanding the job at hand and looking at the big picture when it comes to price are the two most important things a buyer should bear in mind when evaluating a tender or picking a wheel loader from a dealer. A good quality wheel loader can increase efficiency and boost speed at your workplace.

While choosing construction equipment like wheel loaders, keep in mind:

  1. a) Durability: The cost of buying is just the first expense. The total cost is evaluated by adding the operational costs and maintenance of these heavy-duty vehicles. A buyer should always opt for durability while buying a Wheel Loader to ensure the right ROI.
  1. b) Support Availability: No matter how durable the equipment is, construction sites and work fields are filled with rugged surfaces and can cause malfunctions in even the best equipment. This is why a customer should always check if the company provides global servicing.
  1. c) Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Wheel Loaders are heavy-duty vehicles and can give a massive blow to your pockets if not selected carefully. This is why it is mandatory to choose a vehicle that provides fuel efficiency and can work an entire shift on one full tank.

Better Safe than Sorry

Construction sites are heavy pressure workplaces with a lot of deadly instruments. An employee should always ask questions if they are unable to perform a particular task.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), at least 60 000 fatal accidents occur on construction sites worldwide per year, accounting for one every ten minutes. Mistakes committed in construction sites can cost lives. It’s the employer’s job to maintain proper safety issues in the workplace and eliminate any future accidents before they happen.

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