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The Role of Plumbers- Beyond Broken Toilets and Clogged Drains


The work of a plumber is far more than unclogging drains or fixing broken toilets. The Woodlands plumbers face complicated decisions requiring both tools and brains. Service plumbers must be adept at diagnosing problems and use their skills to determine the best course of action once they identify the problems. Aside from using mechanical skills and properly using tools for each job, professional plumbers must find the most cost-effective approach to fixing problems. Here are some of the more complex issues service plumbers face. 

Frozen Pipes
Service plumbers must repair or replace frozen pipes during extremely cold conditions. Plumbers will also properly insulate pipes to prevent them from bursting. If frozen pipes burst, homeowners can face devastating results. A professional plumber will find and replace any pipe that may shatter preventing any potential damage from extreme weather conditions. Image result for The Role of Plumbers- Beyond Broken Toilets and Clogged Drains

Water Heater Repair/Replacement

Many homeowners are unaware that service plumbers can diagnose and fix issues with hot water heaters. Plumbers can install or repair temperature and pressure relief valves that are an essential part of hot water heater safety. Expert plumbers also have the skill to repair or replace both gas and electric hot water heaters. Each type of hot water heater requires different troubleshooting techniques, so plumbers have an acquired ability to perform a dual diagnosis. 

Heating Installation/Repair

Many service plumbers work as heating technicians, especially in the northern regions of the U.S. Expert plumbers will repair and maintain boilers, and many plumbers now have the skills to work on radiant heating systems that are under the floors of many new homes. Since boilers run on steam or water, plumbers work as steamfitters who specialize in high-pressure systems using liquids or gas. 

Pipe layers

Plumbers work as pipe layers who set and install the piping needed for storm drains and water mains. Aside from setting the piping, plumbers act as welders who secure the pipes together on large industrial projects. Plumbers must establish the role of an engineer, surveyor or city planner when they dig and grade the ditches needed for the pipes. 

Plumbers who work in new construction must install all the piping that goes behind the walls and ceilings. Once plumbers install the initial piping, they must complete finish work where all the piping connects to fixtures inside the new homes. Plumbers must also install all the fixtures in any new home or building and ensure all the piping complies with federal, state and local building codes. Fixing broken toilets and unclogging drains only scratches the surface of the skills needed to perform the job of a professional plumber.  


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