Blogs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays due to its easy content management and flexibility. Blogs, as well as blog posts, are specifically search engine friendly as they are rich in links, text, and have unique information. Generally, the blogs are very well-known to the search engines because they update their information regularly and this is the reason; they get priority in SEO. Depending on your blog service the effectiveness and the results vary. When you set up your blog, ensure the primary keyword is there in the domain.

This is mandatory regardless of the blog service. Focus on the blog theme and the blog topic. When your blog is technical oriented such as NoypiGeeks, then your focus should be on the topics that are linked to technology. If you mix up the content, it will not help in SEO. The advantage of the blogs is derived when you post frequently. If there are similarities in the postings on a daily basis, the search engines will be very active. Try to use interesting titles for your tech blogs. The reader should find the title interesting in order to read the topic further. Emphasize on the keywords using the tags, and link your blog to the other popular blogs.


When you want the title of your blog to generate clicks, follow conventional wisdom. Titles should promote an article but should not sensationalize it. While writing a technical blog post, be accurate regarding the title and provide a summary to the content of your post. There are many ways to make the title of a technical blog highly appealing. The technical blog post titles work best if you use specifics. When you incorporate an attractive number, your title looks more compelling. Promote the content written by you. Make sure that is a guide, a review, or a research.


Authenticity is very important when you write a technical blog. Even for a person who is an expert in a particular subject, he should check out other materials to add something new. The unique idea makes a technical content very valuable. Data-driven content performs well. Research is very important to find data and to support your claims. In a text file, frame a basic structure, and then create the ideas, which you want to develop. With the help of this structure, you will remain focused. Look out for the sources that can support every section and then plan which one you want to link. To know more you can read the blogs on NoypiGeeks.