In American roulette, there are zero (0) and double zero (00), which drastically changes the arrangement of numbers both on the mat and on the roulette, wheel or cylinder. In fact, even the colors are also different. For example, in European roulette, the neighboring numbers of zero are 32 red and 26 black, while in American roulette, the neighbors of zero are 2 and 28, both black.

European roulette is played on double tables, so the size is much larger. Not so much the cylinder, but the carpet. In fact, up to four dealers are usually required in physical casinos to control the action, in live roulette on the Internet only one.

The American roulette table is noticeably smaller and the betting options for colors or halves are on one side of the table, making it easier for the dealer to work in casinos. And there is no deposit required.

Playing European roulette: several possible options

Tricks for playing European roulette

Although the word “trick” is generally used when addressing attempts to win when playing online roulette, we must keep in mind that it is not possible to guarantee any system capable of going against reality: in all casino games, players start with a theoretical disadvantage that, in the long run, will result in losses. However, we can use strategies and tricks to try to take advantage of the reality made available by any game of chance, such as slot tricks as well. And obviously, with a small investment, we can get great prizes if luck accompanies us, as long as we understand the nature of the game in question.

First of all, trick does not mean cheating. Although in physical casinos the possibility of cheating is minimal due to the great control existing by employees, in online casino it is impossible. It is that, in addition to the game, the software is verified and authorized by independent laboratories and by the Game Inspection Regulation Service. You can go for the new casino sites now.

Strategies are not a trick. And, as we said, going against mathematics and trying to make this work in the long run is not feasible to do away with. We don’t need to pay special attention to messages like “roulette winning strategies”. It is necessary to read these contents lightly.

Roulette casino tricks

There are no systems or foolproof formulas for playing European roulette:

That is why the European roulette tricks we are referring to are arguments that serve to improve our real possibilities: mostly they are topics related to psychology and self-control, managing our money and anticipating our gaming sessions. and that this is confirmed in our decision-making process.

In summary, what we would call tricks for winning European roulette would be:

Know all the bets that can be placed and choose the one we like best: it is advisable to choose a form of play, for example, betting on single numbers (in full) or on multiple bets (red or black, even or odd thirds) and keep going until the end. In any case, we know that it is random and that roulette is an independent event.

Know how to withdraw in time. Extending the session is a problem, because if we are winning, we are giving variation the possibility of having its effect. We have already said: when playing European roulette, we are fighting against the odds, it is better to bet on a number, bet enough and be aware that some are left out. But in the case of winning, even if the profit is small, it is better to withdraw and the key to the success of roulette is that it helps us to enjoy and know the mechanics and to make decisions of one of the most popular casino games.