Personalised or customised t-shirts and other apparel are all the rage and for good reason. With a personalised piece of apparel such as a t-shirt, jersey, cap, jacket, etc. you can impart a clear message about what you like and what you believe in, and you can send out a clear statement to everyone who sees you wearing that particular garment. This is why many companies, teams, school organisations, and clubs have long used personalised apparel – they foster greater awareness about the team or company or school, and they encourage more interest. However, if you are thinking of personalised apparel for your organisation, school, company, or team, screen-printing may well be your best bet amongst all the printing methods out there.

It is not just the million dollar teams and Fortune 500 Companies that enjoy a monopoly over personalised messages. No matter how big or small you are, lending your own meaning and voice to your apparel or merchandise can be beneficial for your organization. Let us have a look at the top advantages of screen-printing if you want to promote your organisation, team, or school.

The general advantages of printing personalised apparel

As you may know, you can gain some general advantages when you print personalised apparel for your school, team, club, or organisation. For one, it can boost your organisation’s morale and spirit, giving them a renewed sense of unity and encouraging them to do their best. Having something to wear in common gives people a good feeling of belonging, and it is a brilliant way to show everyone what your organisation, team, club, or school is all about.

Fostering a spirit of team unity is imperative if you want to succeed in any task or goal. Your employees or team members might be coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Helping them with a common platform that helps them form an association with everyone else if good for the development of their self-esteem and self-respect.

It can help you save money

If you have a non-profit organisation or a school, you are probably operating on a tight budget. However, if you want to use a promotional tool without spending too much of your funding, then you can definitely do so with screen-printed personalised apparel such as t-shirts.

T-shirts are inexpensive enough in themselves, and if you have them screen printed with your logo, symbol, message, or emblem, it won’t cost too much, either. They are a brilliant investment because they have a long lifespan as well. What’s more, the more apparel you have screen printed, the more you can save, as many screen printing professionals can provide you with bulk discounts, like the discounts offered by specialists in apparel and t-shirt printing in Brum, Garment Printing. Screen printing personalised apparel is also a less expensive alternative to buying pre-made t-shirts and other apparel from retailers.

Get the right exposure

Think about it – every time someone wears your personalised apparel, they will be effectively marketing and promoting your team, school, club, or organisation. They will be your very own free walking advertisements. In addition, even if you just distribute your customised apparel at a particular event, those who receive it will continue using it for a long time. It is an essentially effortless way to get the right exposure.

For example, if you are opening a new shop or announcing a new sponsorship with the local school football team, you might want the local community to know. This exposure will help you build your credibility and good will in the community. You will not only be earning respect, but also see a massive bump in your sales through both, direct, as well as, indirect channels.

Get the best quality

Of course, you have to choose your screen-printing service wisely, but when apparel is screen printed by a true professional, you can get the advantage of high-quality printed design that will not peel, wear off or fade in the wash, or crack. The screen-printing process is simple, but it has been proven to work – it involves the bonding of ink with fibres from cloth, and this results in a vibrant, bold, eye-catching symbol or image which can definitely last.

By taking help from professional experts, you can ensure that the apparel remains in good shape for a substantial period. The better the quality, the more you can expect people to wear it. The longer people wear it, the longer will your branding be exposed in the community. There are three main things, which that you need to check in terms of quality-

  • Quality of the fabric
  • The type of ink that is being used for the screen printing
  • Is the design of the art on the t-shirt appealing and attractive?

Once you are confident about the above three parameters, you can go ahead and place your order. A good professional screen-printing company will work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their service.


In the past couple of years, some of the best companies and organizations are adopting screen-printing. Not only does it help in promoting unity and team spirit, it also contributes massively to branding and advertising.

Many creative agencies frequently suggest screen-printing to brands in order to boost their marketing presence in a region. If people know what your brand is about, what kind of product and services you are selling, they will engage with you. Rather than invest thousands of dollars in physical billboards and banners, companies can opt for screen-printing.

The best part about screen-printing t-shirts is that even if a particular design or communication does not work, you can always change it immediately. This will help you cut down on your costs and keep the communication flexible. However, it is always a good idea to integrate your company logo in a subtle manner. If it becomes too huge, people might not want to wear it on a daily basis. By making it more people centric and message centric, you can encourage people to wear it more.