The Value Of Having Your Home Inspected Prior To Sale

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You thought it would never happen, but it’s time for you to sell your home and move on (and hopefully up!). There’s a lot to do before you sign those papers and collect your money, and one of the most important is the home inspection. As the current owner, it’s in your best interests to order a general home inspection. It’s money well spent as it saves you headaches by avoiding any future conflicts. Potential buyers are going to be searching for faults, which can put dents in your asking price! If you identify problems and take steps to repair them in advance, yes, you will have to pay for it, but it will also add to the sellability of your home (where looking good is everything), and that’s worth a lot. So, where to begin? All life depends on water, so we will start there.

  • The Plumbing – It’s practically a rule of thumb, if anything is going to go wrong, it’s probably going to be the plumbing. Leaky faucets, running toilets, blocked drains, and rusty old pipes are the usual suspects. Fortunately, technology has improved and there isn’t a need to dig up the yard and tear out the floorboards to go after pesky problems, just look for Pipe Relining in Northern Beaches, their professional and friendly service can send a camera down the pipes to pinpoint the trouble, then use a high-pressure water blaster to remove blockages like tree roots and grease, followed by the insertion of a liner which makes your old pipe as good as new with no digging necessary. Plumbing problems solved!
  • The Roofing – Considering it’s over our heads, we sometimes forget about the importance of our roof, that is until those raindrops start falling on you, usually when you are in bed or sitting in your favourite reading nook or some other inconvenient location. Prevention is always the first go-to answer, be prepared by following these roof maintenance tips! Be sure to check for tilting, broken and missing shingles, and blocked gutters, they can spoil a sale before the potential buyer even walks through the front door.
  • The Electricity – This one is so critical you had best hire a specialist, a licensed electrician or an electrical contractor, instead of just a home inspector. They will know exactly what’s right and wrong (hopefully nothing!) with your home’s wiring and electrical equipment, and make sure you are up to code!
  • HVAC – Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are another important feature of your home, and you want them to be in top working condition for those (nosey!) potential buyers. You can’t blame them, their future comfort depends on it. Wiring, ventilation and any risk of fire hazards will all be assessed so you can rest easy.

As always, our loving government has something to say about it, so be sure to check their site for pertinent info. Good luck selling your home, may it be profitable, pleasant, and painless!


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