Christmas is certainly an important religious event, but it is traditionally the period when you exchange more presents. As Gifts Advice we could not give ample space to this beloved holiday.The exchange of gifts on this day of the year is not something born with the society of well-being and consumption. It goes back, in reality, to a tradition of ancient Rome linked to the Saturnalia, feasts dedicated to the god Saturn who seem to have been inspired (along with the winter solstice ritual in vogue among the peoples of northern Europe) the Christian communities for the institution of the Christmas festivity. The best of Cheap corporate gifts you will have there.

The Right Value

Among the strange coincidences, the climate of peace and social equality among men (with slaves who sat at the same table as the owners) and above all the exchange of gifts (honey, figs and sacred twigs) that took place at the end of the holidays.

  • At the same time the habit of putting gifts under the tree is traced. More precisely to the pagan peasant tradition of letting burn a stump (mostly an oak, considered a symbol of strength and solidity), around which the whole family gathered. Placing the gifts under the tree, we hoped for prosperity and plenty of harvest for the New Year.
  • A few centuries later, more or less around the fourth century AD, we find the person who inspired Santa Claus: Saint Nicholas, a Christian bishop of Mira (ancient city of Lycia, corresponding to present-day Turkey), who invited Christianity to spread Parish priests to bring gifts to the children, forced to stay closed in the house for the winter cold and talk to them about the life of Jesus. The parish priests went there on sledges pulled by dogs.

The classic figure that we know today and that many times we have seen represented in the classic Christmas film or in TV commercials originates from the iconography of Saint Nicholas, and the first image closer to the modern one (red jacket, white beard and boots) in 1863, thanks to the designer Thomas Nast. Twenty years later, the first official Santa Claus card appears.

The Right Place

Crisis or no crisis on Christmas holidays, our home is always a destination for relatives and friends that we may not see for a long time and take the opportunity to visit us and bring us a gift. A bit ‘for them but especially for our pleasure to feel the Christmas atmosphere in the home we then dealt with several issues related to how to organize talking about the traditional Christmas tree and the alternative , on how to prepare Christmas balls yourself and garlands , on how to decorate the house and prepare the table for Christmas lunch. Now that the online sites have come, you can have everything from Personalized jackets to special tea cups. The opportunities are wider.

It would be a little cute to forget on this occasion that is far away or maybe not to accompany the presents with a loving and original note.