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The Wave Condo Hollywood


You won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of life in Hollywood until you have spent enough time there. But after such an experience, you cannot unsee all the advantages opened up for you. Well, real estate in Hollywood offers you a lot of interesting opportunities. Today, you can buy one of 4 apartments in the Wave condo Hollywood ( or rent one of 37 available units to feel yourself in the heart of sun-drenched Miami.

The Wave Hollywood FL Building Features

Feel like a Florida native while staying in the Wave condominium Hollywood. The Wave is a huge oceanfront residential complex built in 1969. But in 2004, it was converted into a condominium by the efforts of MCZ Centrum. Now, the 17-story complex includes:

  • residential block, consisting of 551 apartments with various layouts, one or two bedrooms, and an area from 482 to 1,200 sq. feet;
  • 23 retail stores, which fully satisfy all the needs of the residents;
  • numerous office spaces, conference rooms, entertainment options, and even a library.

The common areas of the Wave condominium Hollywood FL share a thoughtful and stylish design. The building has direct access to the beach. And just a short walk away is the famous Hollywood promenade with its endless entertainment: the finest cafes and restaurants, the Gulfstream Horse Racing located nearby, and a casino complex for those who are ready to try their luck.

Rent or Buy a Unit at the Wave Hollywood?

Buying a property in this complex is a profitable and fast-payback investment. The apartments come with spacious balconies, marble floors, and a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Renting a condo at The Wave Hollywood is no less a good idea since the rooms are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable life. Modern appliances and luxurious wooden furniture create a relaxing atmosphere. There is a beautiful swimming pool, BBQ area, jacuzzi, spa, and fitness center on the territory — everything you need for relaxation or a healthy lifestyle.

You can rent a unit in the Wave condo on favorable terms through a site with real estate ads, which publishes the freshest offers from owners and landlords.

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