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The Week Before the Big Move: 7 Things to Do


The final week leading to your move is bound to be the most stressful, even if you have already accomplished a large percentage of everything that you need to do. By this time, hopefully you have already gotten rid of the things you will not be bringing with you, and have packed about 70 percent of your belongings.

However, as the last week of your stay in your home draws near, it is imperative to be even more organized. If you have children, the few days leading to the move does not necessarily mean that they no longer have to go to school (that is, if you’re moving within the school year). Ditto with you at work, especially if your relocation is because of your job.

Basically, your life’s normal activities do not necessarily come to a halt just because you’re moving. Therefore, you need to plan carefully on how you and your family will go about your lives during the final week of your stay in your old home. At the same time, you need to start making preparations for the new life that awaits you.

To help you with this, listed below are seven things you need to do the week before the move:

1. Plan your weeklong wardrobe

Set aside a single bag or box of clothes for every member of the family that will contain everything that you will wear for your final week in your old home. As much as possible you want to keep everything that you have already placed in the moving boxes undisturbed.

The few personal hygiene and cosmetic products that you will be using should also go into this bag, which is going to be like your final survival kit.

2. Create a menu to consume all your remaining food

You want to finish up everything and empty your refrigerator of its contents. The best way to make sure you do not waste your remaining stock of food is through menu planning.

However, if the food you have left is not enough to last a week, just purchase a few instant meals, eat out or order takeout. Make your meals as easy as possible so you can alleviate some of the time and stress of cooking.

It’s worth trying to boost your health, too. Take vitamin supplements, especially since you will not be eating like you normally do during “crunch” week. The last thing you want is to be sick on moving day.

3. Make a final call to your chosen removalist company

Just set things in order and confirm arrangements. Even if you are working with the best removalist company, it helps to go through the arrangements you have made one final time to see if there are any new issues you need to address.

This is also the perfect opportunity to completely iron things out and ensure a smooth moving day process.

4. Check receipts and vouchers for transient belongings

Check your wallet and planner for receipts, vouchers, and entries to see if you still have dry cleaning to pick up, electronic or electrical items you have sent out for repair and need to retrieve, and items you have lent out or borrowed from other people.

5. Prepare a “moving in” plan

Help out the removalists by providing them with a copy of the floor layout of your new home, including information about where your heavy appliances and furniture should go.

By doing this, you and your family can just make a few adjustments with placements and would no longer have to lift those heavy and bulky items yourselves.

6. Organize your documents

You need to keep all of the important documents on your person during the move. So, prep the bag for all of them to ensure you have all your licenses, contracts, and other valuable paperwork to help you launch your life in your new place easily.

7. Make sure you have all relevant contact details

The phone numbers of your old family doctor, dentist, next-door neighbors, and friends should be saved in a planner or your phone’s directory. Likewise, provide them with your new contact details.

Do not just disappear from each other’s lives because a day may come when you would need to reach out to them for important favors, and vice versa.

So, these are seven of the things you need to do right before the move. Accomplishing these tasks will ensure that the crucial final week will be less nerve-wracking yet quite easy and productive.


Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families. For moving and storage across Australia and around the world, Robert’s wealth of experience ensures his customers are in safe hands.

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