It can be something you can easily get, but that does not mean that street food does not have a special place in gastronomic trends. See the world’s most popular and delicious street food at the moment and get ready for extra cravings by the end of the text.

The tasty experiences are not limited to luxurious dinners and gourmet food on linen tablecloths, but also to food in hand that we can buy on the street and enjoy it the same.Good food does not need to be expensive, but enjoyable, true and economic.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the world’s most popular street food, with the wish to soon be in our hands.

Hoy Tord, Thailand

The hoy tord, or seafood omelette, does not need any recommendations for Thai lovers. It is made by mixing two kinds of flour, lime and water for the batter, which is fried with eggs and finally adds seafood – oysters, shrimp or squid – along with coriander, beans, fresh onion, pepper and a little fish sauce. Some add chili sauce while the final result is crisp from the outside and soft from inside.

Assam Laksa, Malaysia

Assam Laksa is a spicy seafood and Tamarind (Asian fruit) soup that breaks in Malaysia, especially in Penang’s street food centers. There she was that Lim Ee Quen decided to leave her aesthetic institute in order to ensure her family’s recipe for decades would continue. The secret, family recipe for the sambal-mix of spices – is the key to this … dangerously good dish, which gave it a reward.

Kway Chap, Singapore

Street food in Singapore is worth a billion dollars a year, employing about 40 thousand people a year. Melvin Chew is one of them, since he keeps the 35-year-old family shop selling kway chap that is, pork guts, pork and duck pieces, soybean and nudel leaves.

Hyderabadi Biryani, India

The word “biryani” can be of Persian origin, but India is the ultimate “champion” of this popular spicy rice with meat or vegetables. From his various verses, the dish from Hyderabad stands out with the mixture of basmati rice, chicken, yoghurt, lemon, masala spices, coriander leaves and fried onion.

Churros Sundae, USA

Dough frying dough with ice cream, nuts and other sprinkles, churros crack in the US, although their origins are Spanish or Portuguese.

Chicken Zhu Hou, China

In the southern province of China, Guangdong, chicken baked in salt is a frequent dish. The young chef, Xu Jing Ye, served his own performance at the Manila Festival, following a 120-year recipe for Foshan Sauce Sauce, made with soy beans, sugar, sesame seeds, and soy sauce.

Banh Xeo, Vietnam

Phan Thi Thu Loan, who attended the festival, trained as an architect before pursuing her passion for maintaining her gourmet culture. She uses a 100-year-old technique recognized by UNESCO to make banh xeo seafood pancakes, cooked in clay, on firewood. After the filling is added, the pancake is finally folded and usually dipped in a very tasty sauce, which is based on … a secret recipe.

Sate Maranggi, Indonesia

This delicacy is alternatively called as the leader of street food. It is one of the best options for a traveler if he wants to taste real Indonesian food. You can taste it either out of MICE Bali or somewhere in the beach. After all it doesn’t matter where you are, but what you eat and this type of street food is your best choice. The street food is made with marinated beef in pieces, baked on charcoal and served with salad of chili, vinegar and tomato.