Whenever it comes to some celebration or occasion, we are always ready to rock the floor with our presence. But one thing that bothers the most is what to gift that person or the organiser. The simplest and most appreciated solution to this is gifting them a creative photo book with lots and lots of pictures. Now, the biggest struggle is to find the best photobook. Don’t worry, at Mixbook your problem is solved in a jiffy. In this article, we will guide on how to choose the best photobook for various occasions.

Collect, Collect and Collect

  • The very first step towards making a successful and attractive photo book is to collect and collect. Yes, collect sufficient photographs of the person or even yourself to transform into a classy and elegant picture book.
  • Make sure that the pictures are selective; after all your photobook will reflect the images you have chosen later.
  • If you going for some gifting range, then make sure the pictures you are listing or uploading are according to the person’s consent. It should not be like that they disliked the photo after you gift them. And, if you are making it done for your family or your own self then choose it with everyone.

Make the wise decision of your uploads

  • Your photobook will be your lifetime memory. So, keep in mind a few things while choosing the pictures.
  • Normally, we choose what comes across, but we must keep in mind that it should be of high quality and its pixels must not fade away after compressing or enlarging. On the whole, it must look good in the book. Try choosing the picture of at least 4 megabytes or 300 dpi.
  • Next is to choose on the basis of priority. The pictures with higher preference should be kept at the beginning that will highlight your photo book.

Explore from the wide list of Themes

  • Choosing the right theme for the pictures is the must. Sometimes, everything is perfect but the theme does not match the pictures placed with it. It is something which gives a negative impression of the photo bookmaker and also the one who has made it.
  • For example- wedding pictures paired with a classy vintage theme or romantic pictures contrasted with beachside themes or summer side location. You can also view a variety of options available on our site for more guidance.
  • Customisation of the pictures with respect to themes is also a good option and can be easily done on Mixbook site. All you have to do is explore and give it a try.

These are a few tips to be kept in mind when you go for making a photo book. To find the best photobook is no doubt a herculean task, but Mixbook showcases a wide option of themes and samples that will make your work 90% easier. You can even have a variety of offers after registering to Mixbook.com. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best of designs and order yours now before it gets late.