In the recent years, Los Angeles LAX Airport has increasingly become that airport you cannot rush through without spending some quality time there. Gone are those boring days when passengers had to waste time in bars, alarming amenities and just watching the planes land and take off.

Most of the flights that are coming from New Zealand and Australia usually go through the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT); commonly known as the ”Rodeo drive of LAX”, which is being improved from time to time to ensure that passengers get entertained beyond their imagination.

The airport is also undergoing major changes including new restaurants to entertain passengers. You can entertain yourself as much as you want from having a meal and shopping to enjoying an art exhibition and renting a car at Los Angeles LAX Airport.

1. Going wine tasting at Vino Volo

With over 60 branches in the US, you can grab yourself a drink at Vino Volo. This wine bar has specialized in making wine brands from regions it’s based. For example in California, you can choose to drink at Sonoma and spend some quality time there.

2. Visit the Automobile drive museum

Located near the LAX airport, the museum is home to some of the legendary cars from around the World. You can decide to go there and enjoy viewing these iconic vehicles from the past. In addition, you can enjoy a lifetime ride around here.

3. Enjoying a ride at the Marina Del Rey

Located a few minutes from the LAX airport; Marina Del Rey hosts one of the largest manmade harbor in the US. Taking a break off from the airport to relax around these cool waters is really something. You can also take a boat ride and enjoy.

4. Getting yourself a massage

Traveling can be tiresome sometimes. A massage can be nerve calming especially here in Los Angeles. The best part of it is that there is a SPA just around the airport for you. The XpresSpa is situates between gates 154 and 156 in South Concourse of Tom Bradley International Terminal, which is the perfect place to be.

5. Go shopping at Santa Monica Place

Located 5-minute drive from LAX. The Santa Monica Place is where shopping says it all. The place is home to some of the finest brands and shops in Los Angeles. It is also home to a Pacific park, the only amusement park around here.

6. Enjoy art exhibitions and live music

Here at the Tom Bradley Terminal, there is live music playing 24 hours a day for 6 days per week just for you. The bands here change everyday to make sure that you get to enjoy the best music genres at LAX. Be keen to see some of the fine arts on display from around the City of Angels.

7. Taking a nap

Sometimes rest is all that you need after alighting from your flight. The best place is to do it here in LAX Airport. The quiet place to do this is shuttle buses that are leaving to take passengers to the terminals 1, 2, and 3. Here you will have a peaceful sleep without any disturbances.