A great thing about owning a boat is that you share the love for sailing with your family and friends. A majority of the people have experienced a boat ride at some point in time in their lives, there are many who might not have sailed even once. In case you are taking your loved ones for a sail for the first time in their life, there are few tips to sail with the non-sailors.

Set expectations

A day prior to sailing, you will have to give your guests some tips or ideas regards to what to carry for the trip. Also, tell them if they have to make some preparations. Make sure that your folks come hydrated and fed, even if you plan on drinking and eating on the trip. People have this idea that they might be prone to motion sickness if they eat before sailing. However, this isn’t at all true. Keep some crackers on board. These come handy when someone suffers from motion sickness.


On the sailing day, everyone will be eager to get going on the water. However, you need to have a formal chat with the folks prior to leaving the dock – though admittedly this will be different if you’re on a Yacht Charter in Corfu, compared to a day sailing in the Arctic.  Make sure that you have a discussion about,

  • The weather conditions to expect during the sailing time.
  • Places to sit and the lines that they have to tend.
  • Watching out their head around the booms and be careful around lines and winch.
  • The terminology and the names of the common parts of the boat, they need to know.
  • The plan to depart the dock and where you are going to sail.
  • Clothing the guests might want to use and if a Personal Flotation Device is adequate.
  • The placement of the head and how it should be used.

Moving around the boat

Once you have discussed the basics, you have to concentrate on holding on to your boat. Keep in mind new sailors tend to fall down off the boat since they aren’t used to the way a boat moves. To avoid the risk, you have to ask them to keep one hand to themselves while keeping the other one for the boat. You have to stress on the fact that their one hand should always be holding the boat, particularly when they are moving or standing.


The primary thing that a new sailor needs to know about sailing is coming about or tackling. When you are out of the water and the mainsail is raised, it is necessary to practice this. They need to know the verbal commands that you are going to give before the tack. Do not forget to show the manner in which the boom moves and how to move high and low. They need to feel, how the boat will move across the tack and also how it is going to slant the other side after a tack.

Life jackets

In case you are guests are not comfortable wearing life jackets, you will have to make sure that they are easily accessible. These should be easy and quick to put on in case there is a change in the weather.