Things to Remember Before Going for a Collision Repair


Nothing could be more stressful and painful than your car meeting a road accident, even if it has not taken lives. The worst thing happens as you have t take care of your car as well, apart from yourself or your near and dear ones. Next comes the dealing with the insurance company and make them ready to come forward and do the needful. We can’t avoid any of these duties, but here we are making an attempt to make you prepare in advance about how to keep it as simple as possible.

Know your Rights in Advance

You won’t get time for this, when you are already dealing with the after effects of the accident. So, before anything small or big takes place, the right thing to do in advance is gathering as much information as possible about your rights and responsibilities about the insurance policies and the like. All this has to be done much before you pay visit to your auto body repair shop.

You Have the Right to Choose

Even though your insurance company is liable to pay for the repair, they don’t have the right to overrule your decision of choosing the repair shop for your car. You are not obliged to get your car repaired from a place suggested by your insurance company. You should know your rights about this and be able to execute the same regarding the shop you choose to be most convenient and trusted for you.

Frame Damage Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Being Totaled

While taking your car to your chosen auto body shop, you might be jittery about how your car will be measured by the shop. There are some who might scare you by saying your car has no option left but has to be scraped down and totaled, as its frame has got severely damaged. but in reality, with the latest frame-straightening options, your car can very well be repaired and restored back to its original condition unless, it is severely damaged and is not worth asking for a repair any more.

Estimate for the Insurance

You need to take the pressure to collect a bunch of estimates and finally go for the cheapest possible  one. That is certainly not a requirement, and one can go ahead with the repair work with only one estimate, unless you yourself want to see some more shops to work with.

Do you Really Need a Complete Repaint Job

Depending upon the severity of the damage and the area that has got affected the most, the paint job of a car is decided. You need not have to get the entire car undergo a repaint job. If the damages are not that severe, only the affected area of the car can be painted.

The Bottom Line

The basic idea here is to make you prepared for the process you might have to face in case of a collision repair job you need to get done on your car. The one thing in this entire issue to remember is not to fall prey to misleading advices and get your job done the right way, that you deserve.



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