Think Fishing- Think La Paz Sail Tour


Baja is one of the favorite spots for persons who love fishing. This is situated between two famous and huge water bodies, the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. This place is known for an exciting fishing experience and a feast of variant seafood. You might feel you have committed a crime if you spent your vacation in Bolivia and came to your place without a fishing tour.

What is so exciting about a Baja fishing tour?

Earlier, fishing near La Paz was living for many fishing families, but La Paz charter boat tours became entertainment for many tourists worldwide who visit Mexico and Bolivia throughout the year on various reasons.  You will change your opinion after fishing near the sea of Cortez since you will never find it boring after a fishing tour in La Paz. You can see fish like Tuna, Marlin, and Swordfish and you can find rarest species of fish that might weigh around 10000 lbs near this seashore. Pacific Ocean is an abode of sea creatures of different sizes, shapes, and species. Hence, you can get a variant experience on your tour to La Paz.

With the growth of tourism, fishing became more than living and more than a competition. The perfect catch wins applause and gives relaxation to the spirit which gets exhausted due to a daunting lifestyle in the modern age. The yellowtail tuna, which weighs around 1000 lb is an exciting one for tourists who love fishing.

What are the varieties of fishing activities you enjoy?

The favorite fishing spots for tourists worldwide are at La Paz and Los Cabos. However, spearfishing and diving are the favorite activities enjoyed by tourists who love Baja fishing. Spearfishing is the most exciting activity where you go into the deep sea to get closer to different varieties of fish and compete with their lightning speed to catch them.

Many tourist companies provide charter boats at affordable prices for sailing and fishing. If you love traditional ways of fishing, you can rent a charter boat and enjoy deep or shallow fishing. But you can catch the same quantities of fish through both the activities. If you go for shallow fishing, you can find yellowtail Tuna fish, Leopard fish, Triggerfish, Spotted Bay Bass, Barracuda, and Sierra.

If you go for deep water fishing, you can find rare species of fish like Black SkipJack, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Sail Fish, and Snapper.

Spearfishing is one of the breathtaking experiences in Baja since you touch the blue waters of sea closer and find colorful sea creatures and try to catch them with your sparkling speed.

Is it the right place for vacation?

Baja is a perfect spot for fishing to find a variety of sea creatures and enjoy street food and mouth-watering seafood dishes everywhere at an affordable budget. Baja is undoubtedly a fisherman’s paradise. But the sailing tour gives you a memorable experience more than fishing. However, you can plan to find different sea creatures and rejoice an exciting vacation with your family. Aid is provided for people who are not aware of swimming and who are sick of sea waters. But if you are willing to walk an extra mile by overcoming fear, you can preserve a beautiful moment in your life by your fishing tour to Baja.



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