The Problem with Plastic

It’s a classic scene: kids gathered around their school cafeteria, at a table with their friends. They compare lunches. Most kids have sandwiches, either packed in plastic baggies or a tired plastic sandwich box. Environmentally aware parents probably know that sending children’s lunches in baggies contributes to landfill waste and is not necessarily a sanitary way to pack food. Plastic is also known to leech chemicals into food and absorb bad odors and germs.

Even hard plastic lunch containers and food storage containers have a limited lifespan. A few trips through a hot dishwasher will leave many plastic containers warped or melted until the lid doesn’t fit. Besides that, heated plastic is believed to cause health concerns as the molecular structure breaks down, releasing toxins into your food.

Plastic has plenty of problems, both health-related and environmental. Many parents realize this of course, but it can be difficult to get away from plastic. For years, plastic has been the most accepted way to transport edible goods. Plastic is cheap and it’s available everywhere.

Lucky for you, there is an alternative to plastic. Dalcini Stainless is looking to alter the landscape of school cafeteria tables. Not to mention office lunches, picnics and anywhere else food travels. With our line of stainless-steel food containers, we are bringing a host of positive attributes to lunchtime to go. So get ready to make the switch from plastic to environmentally safer, healthier and cleaner, stainless steel.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel offers many benefits that plastic does not. For one thing, stainless steel does not leech chemicals into your food. Stainless steel is the most sanitary choice for transporting perishable goods. It doesn’t absorb smells or flavors and it is far and away more durable than any hard plastic.

Additionally, stainless steel is easy to clean in the dishwasher. It won’t warp from the heat of repeated cycles, either. Containers and lids will hold their shape indefinitely. Stainless steel food containers are awesome.

The only problem stainless steel has had is that it’s simply not widely available to the public. Dalcini Stainless has come to the rescue. In addition to our stainless sandwich box, we offer countless options for traveling food and food storage containers. All shapes and sizes are available to store and carry everything from fruits, vegetables and produce, to stackable spice containers.

Besides the health benefits of switching from plastic, the durability of stainless steel means you’ll never need to throw it away. It will last a lifetime. How many plastic containers will you save by making the switch? How much waste will you prevent and how much money will you save.

All these benefits are piled onto the fact that – let’s be honest – the stainless steel containers looks cool! When your children’s friends see them, they’ll want their own. Who knows? You might just start a revolution!