Three Situations that Necessitate the Representation of an Employment Attorney 


Workers’ compensation is designed for workers who sustain injuries while performing their job duties or those who suffer from an occupational illness. Injured workers can depend on workers’ comp benefits to pay for their medical bills and a portion of their lost wages. Qualified employers in North Carolina should avail of this insurance for their workers. However, not all injured workers can successfully get the benefits they need. In fact, this can happen even if they have valid claims. If you have a problem getting your workers’ comp benefits, you should consult one of the best employment lawyers in charlotte nc. Your attorney can review your workers’ comp claim and let you know about your options. If you are in any of the following situations, hiring an attorney may be the best decision you can make:

Your Employer Disputes Your Claim

Your employer or their insurance provider may dispute your claim, especially if you have costly medical care. They may assert that you are not their employee or that you are a contractor, which makes you not eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Sometimes, they may claim that your injury was not sustained on the job. You need to prove that you have a valid claim and an employment attorney can help you collect the necessary evidence.   

You Have Complex Injuries

When your injuries become more complex, your worker’s comp claim will have more variables. This means there will be more doctors, examinations, and diagnoses involved. Also, there may be possible changes in the kind of benefits you can receive. Your employer or their insurer will have more questions to raise, increasing their chances of successfully disputing your claim. But, if you have an attorney, you can get away with these disputes and protect your rights. 

You Don’t Agree with Your Doctor’s Decision to Let you Return to Work

When you get treated for your workplace injury, your employer or their insurance carrier chooses a doctor who will treat you. And you are expected to follow what this doctor will order. If this doctor has decided that you are fit to return to work and you don’t agree, you can ask the NC Industrial Commission to let you choose your own doctor or change your current doctor. But, you need to have a valid justification to make this possible. You can best pursue an appeal if you have a legal representative who is familiar with the law that governs workers’ compensation. 

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