Throw A Sports-Themed Party for Your Little One


Kids start to show their love for sports at a very early age. If your child is a sports fan, if he loves playing basketball, soccer, of baseball, then a sports-themed party is only right for his next birthday. The following are suggestions for everything from planning to invitations to games and favors that will surely make your child and his pals feel like sports celebrities.

Planning The Party

You’ll basically need sports party supplies such as sports-themed plates, cups, table napkins, and decorations. In addition to that, you may want to consider renting or purchasing sports movies such as Air Bud, The Rookie, and Little Giants. These are all Rated PG films that your child’s guests may watch during the party. If you’re going to have some sports activities, don’t forget to prepare sports equipment such as basketballs or baseballs, depending on the game you have in mind. You may also want to prepare sports uniforms for everybody, or at least inform them to come wearing their sports attire.

Party Invitations

Get the guests excited for the event with your sports party invitations. Whether you’re making the invites on your own or are having them printed out for you by a professional, consider including these ideas:

  • Write the party details on an inflatable ball. Deflate it and send it to each of the guests you’re planning to invite. They will have fun blowing the ball up to see the details of the party.
  • Have your child dress up as his favorite athlete and take his picture. Print the photo on the front of your invitation card and include the details inside.
  • Cut out shapes of various sports balls out of a cardboard. Glue the cutouts side by side and have your child color each. Write the party details on each of the cutouts and fold them and put them inside the envelopes.

Food & Decorations

Dress up your home with sports-themed decorations that will enhance the atmosphere and make it more fun and exciting. Start by tying together three to four balloons and anchoring them around the area using balloon weights. Prepare a wire basket and fill it with sports equipment and use it as a focal point. You can also have pairs of cleats or high tops through the venue. Most importantly, hang posters of your child’s favorite sports team on the walls. If your child is a skateboard or BMX fan, you may also consider setting up ramps and cones.

For the food, you can serve traditional ballpark treats such as hot dogs, lemonade, peanuts, pretzels, and root beer. You can also serve popcorn and prepare various toppings for them. Use a cookie cutter to cut bread into star shapes and come up with “All-Star Sandwiches.” Of course, drinks should be served in sports bottles. For the cake, you can have a regular one and simply ice it to look like a sports ball or a trophy.

Party Favors

Thank everyone for coming with cool party favors! You’ll hit a homerun with the bag of treats if you put in some small trophies, sports poppers, tote bags, whistles, sports water bottles, sports wristbands, and sports caps!

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