Tiny Freezer, Large Event to Cater?


If you’re hosting an event or a party in the months ahead, please don’t forget to factor in the space required for refrigerated and frozen catering supplies.

Even if you are just selling teas and coffees you’ll need a large stock of milk and if you’ll be serving ice cream in the interval of a show then the freezer capacity on the premises may be inadequate for the demand.

A domestic freezer and fridge can’t achieve your event catering objectives but freezer trailer rental, mobile fridge hire and planning ahead are excellent tools to make your event go smoothly.

Freezer trailer rental and fridge trailer hire can be used at:

  • Domestic parties.
  • Professional parties.
  • Valentine’s Day events.
  • Easter shows and events.
  • Amateur dramatic productions.
  • Sports events.
  • School Fetes.
  • Music festivals.
  • Country shows.
  • Outdoor theatre.
  • Any other catered event.

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that the winter and spring temperatures will work in your favour and keep food and drink cool. This is not allowed!

To adhere to legislation, you must have freezer and fridge storage that ensures that every item served is in optimum condition. The result of “winging it” is normally to deliver food poisoning to your guests.

You may be thinking that your venue won’t hold a fridge or freezer so you can’t cater the event. Or you’ll be forced in to making several journeys to get fresh batches of food from home, a shop around the corner or the school canteen.

Don’t worry. Freezer trailer rental units and their refrigeration counterparts can be situated outside the building, perhaps by the kitchen door, in the car park, adjacent to a marquee.

Mobile freezer trailers come in different sizes and offer varying space. Reputable fridge and freezer trailer rental service providers like Icecool Trailers in Newbury cover Berkshire, the Home Counties, London, the Thames Valley, South Wales and the Midlands, they have a range of pre-bookable facilities and if you forget about this task until the event day there is an emergency refrigeration and freezer hire service which, dependant on distances, can see a trailer on site within 2-4 hours.

The fridge and freezer trailer rental units will be delivered to site by the hire firm, set up and left for you to use for the hire period. These facilities meet legislation and are hygienic.

To check who the best companies are just run an online search and read reviews, that will give you a swift idea of who you can place your trust in.

For example, if a firm supplies hotel chains and health authorities with freezer trailer rental facilities then you can safely work on the premise that they must deliver excellence or these clients wouldn’t use them.

Freezer trailer rental hire relieves event stress, saves time and is wonderfully cost effectiveness. The facilities should pay for themselves in purchases and the positive effects that fridge and mobile freezer trailers have on your event.

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