Tips To Buy Brushes For Your Makeup Set


When it’s time for choosing makeup products, do not forget to select the makeup brushes as well. Makeup brushes play an essential role to give you a flawless look. People spent lots of money on buying products instead of brushes.

Makeup brushes are like a key of a car; it won’t start without a key. Same like this your makeup is not completed without brushes. Remember that makeup brushes need to be cleaned after every 3-4 days. If you want to make, your brushes stay long than cleanse them properly.

Useful Tips to Buy Brushes:

Here in this article, we share some valuable tips on how to choose makeup brushes. An important note is never to leave makeup brushes standing with the bristles facing up. The bristles may lose hold in the ferrule, with water entering the glue that binds them together.

Makeup brushes are highly important to be added to your shopping list. You can easily get your favorite eyebrow brushes online without any effort. Just type best eyebrow brushes, and that’s all, a huge number of a list will be at your screen.  

Always remember these points before buying any kind of makeup brushes either online or any local store.

  • Before buying the brushes, determining the type of hair on the brushes is important. Depending on the type of product you will use, choose the hair of the brush. You will have varieties like synthetic, and natural brushes, or brushes with both synthetic and natural hair.
  • Organic or natural fibers are both softer and more effective. They are actual hair. They have cuticles which are better at attaching to and holding the pigment on the brush until you apply it to your face.
  • Natural fiber makeup brushes can get expensive. The retail price, though, reflects the quality of the product. You can spend that extra money for a brush which could last a lifetime, as long as you take good care of it.
  • When we talk about makeup brushes the there are many brushes made for specific purposes. If you have the low budget and just want to cover the basics, then you can quickly start with a foundation brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, and slanted eyeshadow brush.

Product quality always matter. Do not run behind those cheap products which can be useless just after days. Buy something which is high in quality; price doesn’t matter. When you buy a cheap item, it will stay few weeks/months. But when you buy a quality product (without even bother about the money), it remains longer.

Makeup Brushes and Their Uses:

The tips that mention below will help you to select the best brush in each section as well as help you care for each correctly, so they last for years.

  • Blush Brush:

It will help you to understand the contour of your cheekbone properly, for a more natural look. You will also find that makeup brushes are made using natural animal hair, synthetic bristles or a combination of both. These are the best brushes because its cuticle helps lift powdery pigment and your skin’s oils to mix them over the cheek, for the most streak-free, non-blotchy and sober glow. Touch lots of blush brushes before buying, an investigation is better than dissatisfaction.

  • Powder Brush:

Always choose a powder brush with a medium-size, slightly rounded head, which will let you dust powder only where needed, like the nose, chin, and forehead, while keeping cheeks bear and rosy.

  • Foundation Brush:

Foundation brush helps you to put a layer on the product for a smokier base and a full coverage finish. It’s designed with a classic style angled cut that provides you an overall perfection. These brushes are ideal for applying liquid foundation.

  • Concealer Brush:

A concealer brush is essential for well-blended concealer application above and below the eye area. They are dense, rounded bristles for a natural look. These brushes are ideal for applying cream and liquid concealers. If you prefer using concealer with a brush, it’s best to have two: a slick Taklon one a half inch wide for under the eyes and a tiny, pointy one for blemishes.

  • Eye Brow Brush:

Among the most unique and essential features on your face is an eyebrow. Choose best eyebrow brushes for the perfect look. Your main eyeshadow brush should have a tip a little smaller than the size of your eyelid. You want lots of soft bristles and a rounded tip. It should move smoothly over your eyelid, applying color without dragging your lid. Enrique Gil confirms relationship with Liza Soberano

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