Tips To Choose Colour Schemes for Custom Label Design


The best way to connect with your customers is through their hearts, not their wallets. One of the best ways to start the relationship with your customer is to choose the right product packaging. Psychology it is proven that colours can influence the way the customers view your product and the brand. So it is important to know the psychology of colours and how to create an attractive custom label design using effective colours. Before designing your product label, you need to think about the colours you are going to use for creating a unique label printing in Perth WA to attract the customers. As different colours have different emotions, here we have mentioned a few to help you understand the psychology of colours.


As white is associated with cleanliness and purity, it will be a great option for products such as cosmetics, cleaning products, and other products that need to fire up these feelings. Since white match with all other colours, it can be used as background colours of product packaging and label printing in Perth.


Yellow is the most striking colours compared to all other colours, and it stimulates excitement. As yellow is an ultimate attention-grabbing colour, it should not be overused on your product label. Since yellow is a highlight colour, it can do wonders for marketing efforts like custom product labels.


Red is one of the colours that can be chosen for effective marketing through custom labels, and it can evoke the feelings of excitement and impulsivity. Since red is one of the most striking colour and grab the attention of the customers and buyer, most of the major retailers and franchises incorporate red for their marketing.


Green indicates the two things most people like – living nature and money. As many people have a positive reaction to green colour, it is used mostly by companies that need to establish an eco-friendly brand. On the other hand, green colour also evokes the feelings of intelligence, peace, and even good wealth or luck.


The blue colour resembles nature, and it is the colour of sky and water. So it’s quite neutral. Blue evokes the feeling of calmness, security, serenity and reliability. So everyone likes it. Men respond more towards blue. This is the main reason why blue is used commonly in marketing male-driven products such as deodorants, shaving creams, etc.


As like red colour, orange evokes the emotion of excitement and impulsivity. It also provides warm emotions and makes customers react positively. It is one of the great colours to choose for product labels.

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