Tips for Choosing In-Home Care for Seniors


Finding the right type of senior care is vital to the quality of life for individuals over 65. Seniors are more likely to suffer from social, emotional, and physical issues that require specialized treatment. Whether you are a caregiver or a senior, there is the option to choose in-home care for seniors. This type of senior care provides the elderly with medical, social, and personal services in their home. In addition to allowing seniors to age in place, in-home aides also provide personalized care. Learn more about what to expect when selecting this type of senior care.

Types of Care Available

In-home services fall into a couple of different categories ranging from medical to non-medical care. Some seniors may require the services of multiple home care providers based on their personal needs. Here are several of the most common types of in-home care that is available:

  • Home health care aides
  • Registered nurses
  • Hospice aide providers
  • Companions or homemakers

The skills involved with these types of in-home aides vary. For example, if you are hiring a companion or home health care aide, this individual will likely have minimal medical training. They are hired to provide cooking, cleaning, transportation, and social interaction. On the other end of the skill spectrum, a registered nurse or hospice aide provider will have advanced medical training. These professionals are equipped to conduct medical treatments in the home. In addition, a registered nurse or hospice aide can provide medical referrals for specialized health care. 

Benefits of Home Health Services

In-home care for seniors offers the ultimate convenience for seniors who need additional care. They are allowed to remain in their home, which allows them to stay in their longtime community. This can increase the quality of life for seniors if they have an active and healthy community of neighbors, friends, and relatives living nearby. 

Saving Money With In-Home Services

The third benefit is a decrease in medical bills. While it may appear these in-home care services are more expensive at the onset, the long-term savings are substantial. By providing emotional and physical care for seniors in their home, the seniors are less likely to suffer outlying medical issues, such as depression or accidents including falling down. As a result, seniors can expect to pay less for medical expenses in the long run.

When to Choose In-Home Care for Seniors in Connecticut

For seniors who have a low to moderate level of care, the optimal choice is to receive in-home services. If you are ready to find these senior care services in your area contact Connecticut In-Home Assistance at 866-464-9035.

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