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A wardrobe comes in handy to declutter your bedroom and provide some space for more organized living. Buying a new wardrobe may seem easy, but it involves many risks if you don’t consider the right factors. It would be best to do a little bit of research, check the latest styles, designs, and consider your budget. Read on to get some tips for buying the perfect wardrobe to suit your storage needs.

Available space

Wardrobes come in various sizes to suit different storage spaces. The first thing you should be sure of before choosing wardrobes is the amount of space you have. Many bedrooms mostly have a suitable location for adding a closet, so you need to find one that perfectly fits. If you have plenty of space, you should find as an ample wardrobe as possible to fill up the area, but if you have a small room, single wardrobes come in handy. Ensure you have plenty of room to open the wardrobe door, walk around or fit in other furniture. You can also go as tall as possible towards the ceiling to maximize the available space. You can use the upper storage for items you don’t use often.

Storage needs

Wardrobes come in different exterior designs as well as interior. When you open different wardrobes, you may realize that you have unlimited options regarding the hanging space, shelves, drawers, and shoe racks integrated inside. To start you off, ask yourself what kind of storage you need. Do you need hanging spaces to hang your many coats, drawers to store smaller items, shelves for shoes, or a combination? Once you decide what kind of storage you want in your wardrobe, it becomes easy to choose.


For instance, knowing the amount of hanging length you will need depending on your clothes’ size is essential. If your closet has many long coats, gowns, and evening dresses, you will require a wardrobe with hangers that maximize the wardrobe’s full height. You can hang shirt dresses, sweaters, or half coats on the half-height rails, which maximizes the space in the closet. 

Also, consider what you want when checking the shelves and drawers. The latest wardrobes come with innovative interior designs to make it easy to organize your items, such as cubby holes in the jewelry drawers. Avoid closets with unreasonably deeper shelves as they form holes where clothes disappear into, giving you a hard time finding them.


A wardrobe is a large and outstanding piece of furniture for your home so, choose a style that aligns with or enhances your home decor. There are many types of wardrobe designs from classic ones, vintage designs, slick contemporary, versatile classic, timeless pieces, etc. Remember that little things such as the wardrobe’s handle can impact its overall appeal. Also, match your wardrobe’s style with other furniture pieces in the room, such as the bedside cabinet or dressing table. All in all, ensure it enhances the theme of your bedroom.

Material and finish

The material and finish also matter when choosing a wardrobe. The material determines how strong the cabinet is, and the finish determines its overall appeal. You can choose a high gloss finish, matte, solid wood, painted wood, etc., depending on your taste.

The final words

If you can’t find the perfect wardrobe to suit your room, you can always opt for a customized piece.


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