There’s no doubt the world of social media can be daunting if you’re not familiar with how to utilise its offerings to maximise the benefit for your company. Whether your desire is to increase brand awareness, boost consumer engagement or simply just generate sales, every business can effectively leverage the power of social media with the right strategy and planning.

Know your audience

It may seem obvious but having a thorough understanding of your audience is the most important step in generating a successful social media campaign. It is critical to first define your target audience before you start compiling research on your chosen demographic. This will ensure that your business has a clear and defined scope when you begin designing and creating content for different social platforms. Content that is irrelevant to your audience will likely result in a wasted post, or a post with terrible engagement.

Pick your social channels  

Once you have a well-rounded understanding of your target audience, the next step is to utilise the most appropriate and popular social media channels for your target demographic. Research compiled about your target demographic will reveal the most-utilised social media channels, how these platforms are used and the peak times the audience tends to visit these channels. Utilising this information is key to capturing your audience’s attention.

Design and tailor your content

There is a wide selection of content options available within social platforms including: videos, carousels, stagnant pictures and GIFs to name a few. You should tailor your content to “speak the language” of your target consumer, while also reflecting the standards and regulations of the platform used. Cross-posting or posting the same piece of content without adjustments on different channels, may save time in the short term, but will only generate problems and poor brand perception further down the track.

As public relations experts at Adoni Media say, “Social media marketing is one of the most influential digital marketing techniques for generating leads and growing brand awareness,” so it is important to correctly implement the right strategy for your business to ensure the most successful outcome.