Tips for Parents to Help Choose a Boarding School


Boarding schools are plenty, but the best ones are those that offer an excellent environment for children to attain independence, develop confidence and the right skills and have long-lasting friendships. But, how do you choose the ideal boarding school for your child? Just like no two children are the same, no two schools can offer the same facilities, opportunities or environment to your child. Outlined here are some tips for parents to help them in choosing an appropriate boarding school:

  • Go beyond academics

There is no doubt that academics are important, but you shouldn’t just focus on the scholastic development of your child when you plan on sending them to boarding school. Consider the holistic approach where they don’t just indulge academically, but also in extracurricular activities that can help them uncover their potential and passion.

  • Consider checking the location

It is recommended that you check the boarding school you are considering first-hand, rather than just relying on the information you find on the internet. You will also get an idea of distance and the location of the school itself.

  • Look at the school’s approach towards learning

There are different teaching methodologies out there and you need to know what approach is used by the school in question. Good and reputable schools, such as The Kings School Canterbury, will be upfront about what approach and techniques they use and they will be more than willing to discuss the curriculum as well.

  • Check out rankings and reviews

Last, but definitely not the least, you should also take a look at the school’s ranking and also speak to some existing and past students and parents to get their review on the school’s offerings. This will provide you greater insight on what your child can get when they enroll in the school.

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