We should all be aware of how to hire a tree service company for removing a tree or just trimming some trees that are too tall for your reach. My husband and I purchased our brand new home over 20 years ago and had several plants, trees, and bushes planted. Over the years we have removed several of the trees on our own due them dying or leaning too far over. We have also removed some bushes due to the fact that they were becoming far too tall. We have also had to hire a tree service to cut down and remove a few other trees because they grew too fast and were leaning toward the house.

Fortunately, we have never had a tree limb come crashing through a window or land on the roof. The tree removal Omaha company came as a recommendation from a good friend but unfortunately they have left the area, so we need to start looking again.

We have four trees in our backyard that need to be trimmed or removed. We certainly don’t want to do this chore by ourselves.

If you want the tree removal and the limbing to be done correctly, then you need to spend a little time asking some basic questions. You also want to compare the other competitors and have them show you important information.

Here are a few of the basic items we need to look at:

  • Insist on a copy of insurance papers, such as liability and workers comp.
  • How will they access your jobsite and get equipment into your yard?
  • How will they chop the tree down? Will they use tower, a crane, or climb it? The condition of your trees may make the decision as well as the site.
  • How long is it going to take?
  • Is the climber qualified and how much experience does he have?
  • What type of equipment is to be used and are they qualified for use?
  • Will the stump be removed?
  • Will they remove the wood and debris from your site?
  • Will it cost more for cleanup?

We should receive not only an estimate of the costs, but a written contract, detailing the entire job of tree removal or limbing and these costs. We should be very leary of tree services that ask for payment in advance. We could very well fork over money and never see them again. If limbing is the only work that is to be performed insist they climb the tree by using ropes or an aerial lift, using spikes will damage the tree.

Also, find out how prepared they are in the event something should happen. Most reliable tree service companies will carefully control the falling of the limbs by using ropes.

Last by not least, it is always a good idea to do ask neighbors or friends if they recommend a good tree service company. Most tree services that are worth hiring benefit greatly by word of mouth and will be more than happy to provide you a list of clients that are happy with their work. Always ask for references from all the companies that you interview for the job. A number of inexperienced operators will want to see the other quotes you have received; this is when you show them the door.

Generally speaking a professional tree removal or trimming company will explain everything to you including the time they will arrive, approximate time it will take for the job and the cost. With this information you shouldn’t have any surprises and you should basically know how to hire a tree service company.