Tips To Make Painting Easier And Faster


Painting can be a deceptively difficult part of DIY.  If you have trouble with painting, then we sympathise with you as there are many problems that people have trying to paint when they take on their decorating work themselves.  However, with some helpful tips, it is possible to make the job not only easier, but quicker with better results.

Learn To Use A Paint Roller Correctly

There is a right and wrong way to doing it to get the most out of the roller and your paint.  You need to make sure you are loading enough paint onto your roller, for example, or you will be pressing your roller too hard against the wall in order to try and cover the surface.  As well as getting tired very quickly, this technique will also mean that you are leaving streak marks as the paint seeps out of the ends of the roller as it is pressed.

Use A Bucket Rather Than A Tray

Instead of doing what you probably are used to doing and pouring some paint into a roller tray you could take some of the paint in a large bucket and pour it into a larger one using a paint screen.  For larger spaces, this is a less messy and much easier way to paint.  

Take Advantage Of An Extension Pole

Rather than using a ladder, if you can, it is much better to use an extension pole as this will help you to control the rolling motion much easier than if you are always on a ladder.  Obviously, there will be some surfaces you will have to use a ladder and an extension pole for, the vast majority can be painted successfully using just the extra length provided by an extension pole.

Cut In Using A Lined Pail

Although you will have to spend a little bit extra to buy the liners for this kind of bucket, it does mean you will have less to clean up after you have successfully cut in.  As they come with a handle, it makes it easier to manoeuvre up and down a ladder as you work at the edges and corners.  

Consider Investing In Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for an effective way to paint a large surface area and find it boring and time-consuming using a paintbrush.  If you find it inconsistent using a roller or you just don’t have the time to spend and don’t want to pay someone else to do it – you should seriously consider a paint sprayer.  Although these make a lot of people nervous and anxiety, with horror scenarios playing out in their mind of paint getting sprayed everywhere – rest assured, if you use them properly – this shouldn’t ever happen.  

Paint sprayers are perfect for achieving an even coverage of a large surface area, in a much quicker and more economical way than conventional methods.  If you use an airless model like the Titan paint sprayer, you will avoid paint going everywhere.  This is because, unlike air sprayers, that use compressed air to push the paint out of the nozzle; airless models rely on a motor and air hose system much like a pressure washer.  This gives you greater control on the speed the paint is sprayed and the directions it is sprayed in.

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