Every commercial building you think of will always have AC units. Ever since Willis Haviland Carrier first invented it in 1902, it has been an essential machine in commercial buildings. With the various types of AC units, a commercial building can have, they all share one thing in common: they need constant care.

Like with any other appliance, commercial ac units are no different. Over time, some parts of the AC unit will wear out, causing it to decrease its overall performance. However, you can always call an AC technician to maintain and prevent significant damage to your AC unit.

Cleaning or Replacing Worn-Out Air Filters

The AC unit can provide clean air inside commercial buildings because of its air filter. It works by preventing tiny debris from getting inside the space without compromising the air quality. But after a few months of using the AC, the air filters will get dirty, and they should be cleaned right away. Leaving them unmanaged for a long time can cause the air it blows to become dirty, which is not great for people inhaling it with lung complications. And if the AC unit has been operating for more than a year, it would be best to replace the air filters because it may not be cleaning the air properly.

Monthly Duct Inspections

AC units have air ducts that let them distribute air to the different parts of the building. The duct systems can also get different issues that can prevent the AC unit from working properly. In some instances, the ducts can get holes that can cause the AC unit to be ineffective. It can also cause the AC unit to work twice as hard since it does not distribute enough air to the different parts of the commercial building. If it keeps running harder than usual, you can expect your energy bills to go up. Usually, rust is the common culprit that creates holes in the ducts.

Using the Latest Programmable Thermostat

Nowadays, you will rarely find thermostats with knobs because they tend to wear out faster than digital, touch-screen ones. If you still have an outdated thermostat, you need to replace it at once. There are many features that a modern thermostat can provide to users, including finer temperature settings and a timer whenever you need to turn it off. Some thermostats can even connect to your smartphone, so you do not have to keep walking to the thermostat every time you need to make adjustments.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

Your AC unit’s outdoor fans and condenser needs to stay clean as much as possible so that it can provide cleaner air all the time. They can get clogged by leaves, dirt, trash, and other tiny debris during certain times. The clogged debris will make expelling the heat difficult and can potentially cause significant damage in the long run.

Regular Maintenance is Key

The best way to prevent commercial ac units from any form of damage is through regular maintenance. As a building owner, you need to have an AC technician that will regularly inspect, maintain, or repair your AC units. It would be best if you set a contract with them so that you do not have to call them whenever you need your AC units serviced regularly.

These are some of the ways to protect your commercial ac units from breaking. Make sure to keep these tips in mind to know what to do when your AC units encounter problems.