Tips To Say “I Love You” To Your Loved One


Love is the most beautiful feeling but people often feel hesitant to say “I Love You” directly. There are actually hundred ways to express your love for the someone special of your life. If you are one of them who just doesn’t know how to express the true heart-felt feeling for the one who is really special to you, then this article is surely going to help you in a best way. Always remember one thing that expressing love to your special one will always make your relationship grow closes and more heart touching.

There are endless ways to express your love to your special pone and all you need to know is what the special person of your life actually loves so that you can make the person feel that you actually care for the person.

Here are some very effective and beautiful ways to express your heartfelt feeling for the most loved person of your life –

Giving Beautiful Cards:

The market is already full of love cards and you can easily pick any from the shop that comes with some good and heartwarming text written in it. If you want to give a personal touch to your greetings card gift, it would be really better if you gift a handmade or e card with the message written from your heart.


When it comes to sending messages to the loved one of your life, you have lot of options and the popular option are WhatsApp, E Mail, smartphone messages etc. Messaging with a heart touching quote or a picture could be a great way to touch the chore of your loved one’s heart.

Preparing Favorite Dishes:

Cooking the favorite dishes of your loved is always a very heart touching gesture that you can make. If you want to make the entire dinning moment really romantic and nice, you should arrange a candle-night dinner. You can also add an extra note of sweetness by order a delicious cake in Noida or any other city where you both stays.

Dress According To Your Loved One’s Choice:

You can actually melt the heart of your loved one by dressing yourself of her/his favorite choice of dress or color. This particular gesture actually shows that you are actually concerned about the choice of your loved one.

Spend A Quality Time With Your Special One:

Spending a quality time with each other is very important as it eliminates all the distance and makes the bond of relationship really stronger. You can make a weekend gateway plan with your loved one to a nearby hill beach destination. It will be an unforgettable experience for both of you.

Now you might have got the ideas about how to make the loved person of your life feel extremely special and delighted.

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