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Tips to Choose the Right Shed for Your Utah Property 


Utah is all about leading a high-lifestyle and celebrating every moment with events like Savor the Summit and Wine Festival in Park City. Thanks to its low unemployment rate, Utah presents cities like Provo, listed among the top 10 Cities for Career Opportunities. 

The median home price in Beehive City is close to $340,000. With a high Cost of Living Index, at 110.8, and property value rising by 7.4%, sheds as tiny houses have become an attractive option for prospective homebuyers in Utah. 

Sheds in Utah cannot be seen as a mere storage option; they are a way to create the perfect, small living space, well within budget. Here are a few top tips you can follow while choosing a well-suited shed for your Utah property. 

Choosing the Right Shed Size

Depending on how you wish to use the shed, be it a dwelling or a storage space, you will have to decide the right size.

Farm and shed perth are quite in trend in Utah, offering you excellent size options to match your requirements. Reputed dealers provide a wide range from 6 x 6 to 12 x 32 square feet, and if you wish, you can avoid overhead stacking as well, with sophisticated Vineyard shed options.

Choosing the Right Material

Top consultants recommend options like wood, metal, and resin, considering the dry, semi-arid, and desert climatic conditions in Utah.

While wood is durable and gives an excellent visual appeal to sheds in Utah, it is an expensive alternative. On the other hand, resin and metal are less expensive, durable, and insect-resistant, making your shed a decent investment.


Adhering to Local Building Codes

If you decide to set up a shed in the Beehive State, sized over 200 square feet, you will need a permit, as per Utah building guidelines.

Check with a local expert and understand the building codes to set up a shed on your property, adhering to Utah laws.

Choosing a Customizable Shed

From the Pioneer, Victorian to Early Modern and Post-war Modern home architectural styles, Utah presents a varied range of designs. Whether it’s a classic or contemporary home, Utahns love landscaping, increasing the property value by 12.7%.

Having a customizable shed in your backyard is a significant value-add. It not only enhances the overall property’s esthetics but allows you to use your dwelling area extensively. You could use a 12 x 32 square feet shed to store your gardening equipment and, when required, transform it into an extended living space. 

Fixing the Right Budget

Renowned Utah shed dealers present 64 to 400 square feet structures, varying in designs and material. By spending about $10,000 on Off-Grid options, you can have your very own tiny house in a sophisticated shed.

Decide your budget, considering quality and warranties in terms of material, design, and additional amenities. By spending some extra bucks, you can avoid potential leaks and repairs, which could otherwise be a pain in the long run. 

Amid the pandemic, Salt Lake City has proposed plans to allow tiny homes around Liberty Park, aiming at tucking more homes in the community. And with the burst of demand from out-of-state residents pushing Utah’s housing prices higher, it is best to consult a reputed dealer and invest in a suitable shed. 

Rest assured, you can effortlessly solve your dwelling and the much-needed storage space issues, and most-importantly without exceeding your budget.


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