Tips to Succeed in Music in 2019


Success has a different definition for people related to the music industry; however, whatever be the aims, aspirations, and goals, there are certain habits from which every person will start receiving benefits. In this article, we will talk about certain such habits which will help you in achieving your music dreams in the year 2019 and beyond.

  • It is better to have quantity over quality as waiting for a single song to release in 6 months makes no sense if you can make more music by starting and finishing quickly. In this way, you will learn the habit of creating more music with each passing day.
  • You should not fall into the trap where you chase after fame and popularity rather than listening to your heart. It is highly recommendable to make music that you like instead of thinking about what people will love. By doing this, at least you will be happy that you are listening to what your heart says.
  • Maintaining consistency is the key to success in the music industry. Therefore it is important to release new tracks during the whole year. You can take a gap of say three months, but then you have to show up a new track so that people will remember you.
  • It is important to set a goal as by doing this you will develop good habits and this is the way to gain success. It will also help you to come within the top 100 djs.

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  • It is important that you spend maximum time in producing rather than spending money on plugins. It happens all the time that a new plugin will inspire us, but remember learning the stock plugins will help us more than just buying new plugins with the hope that it will fix the music.
  • It is highly recommended to convert your social media followers into email subscribers as it sometimes happens that our social media account gets deleted due to certain reason than overnight you will lose all your fan following however, if you are in touch with your fans through email than you can update them about your music, upcoming gigs, etc.
  • Contribution to the community of music production is also important as people will really appreciate your help. As the music industry is about building relationships, therefore, reaching out to people with a similar mentality online is a wonderful way to start making new connections.
  • Always be bold as people will criticize you in one way or the other. It shouldn’t stop you from creating music as criticism is common and absolutely fine. There are three types of criticism, and they are constructive criticism, misleading criticism, and destructive criticism.

The most important key to success is to enjoy your music, remember the journey you have started is due to love for your music. Therefore, follow your heart and success is yours.

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