Top Accommodation Options Available Near Goa Airport


 Goa, being one of the prime tourist destinations in the whole country as well as for people outside of the country, has a lot of accommodation options available for every kind of traveler. But if you are traveling by air to Goa, you should look for some options to stay near the airport as it will save you a lot of time and hassle to travel to and from the airport. Here are top accommodation options available near the Goa Airport.

Coconut Creek

Situated in Bogmalo, Coconut Creek is a perfect holiday destination for anyone travelling to Goa. It is located very near to the airport and has some of the best-maintained rooms and pools in whole Goa. It is a huge resort and perfect for a nice family vacation

Mariaariose – Melody of the Sea

As the name suggests, Mariaariose is one of the very convenient hotels you can go to if you have some time between your flights or you are just in town for a small meeting. The hotel provides complimentary pickup and drop off at the airport and is very reasonably priced for a night stay.

Bogmallo Beach Resort

Situated right next to the airport, the Bogmallo Beach Resort is one of its kind. As mentioned in the name of the hotel, this resort provides the guests access to Bogmallo Beach and almost all of their rooms are sea facing which gives the guests a fantastic view of sunrise and sunsets. It is one of the finest beach resorts in Goa, and the plus point of this resort is that it is situated right next to the airport so that you can enjoy your vacation peacefully without worrying about getting stuck in traffic and missing your flight.

The HQ

Located in Vasco Da Gama, The HQ is right next to the airport and is a preferred hotel for a business traveller. The HQ has some of the best restaurants and provides its guests with some of the delicious food in all of Goa. It is also reasonably priced and well placed near the airport.

M – The Business Hotel

By far one of the most value for money hotel, M The Business Hotel is a top choice for business travellers who travel to Goa. The hotel is well maintained, very neat and very affordable. There is also a free pickup and drop from the airport to the hotel at all hours of the day which is very convenient for the guests. The proximity to the airport is also a big plus point in this hotel’s otherwise outstanding service.

Stonewater Eco Resort

If you are the kind of traveler who comes to Goa for peace and tranquil and not for parties, Stonewater Eco Resort is your destination. Situated nearby to the airport, the Stonewater Eco Resort offers unmatched beauty and serene surroundings within itself. The cosy cottages and picturesque views all around make this sea facing resort a top pick for a seasoned traveller in Goa.

Grand Hyatt Goa

If you want to indulge yourself, there is no place better than Grand Hyatt Goa. Located right on the Bambolim Beach, The Grand Hyatt Goa redefines luxury like no place else. The resort has a semi-private beach for its guests where you can take a stroll and watch amazing views of the sun and the sea. The Grand Hyatt also features five restaurants to cater to every taste and cuisine imaginable. It is one of the finest places to stay in all of the Goa.

If you are coming to Goa and flying into the Goa Airport, these options are some of the best to choose from. It does not matter if you are a business traveller, a solo wanderer or on a family vacation. Goa has something to offer to every kind of tourist and traveller.

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