Football being one of the most loved sports around the world has a huge fan following that is in millions. More or less, all the major countries in the present day, have their own football league and competitions. Unsurprisingly, celebrities from different industry love football as well. Have a look at the top celebrities and their favourite football clubs.

John Cena – world famous and loved WWE wrestler John Cena is an ardent follower of football. He is a long term supporter of the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Cena visited White Hart Lane in Tottenham in 2008 and cheered for his team at their home ground. He also has several pictures wearing the Hotspur Jersey on his social media handles.

LeBron James – when we are talking about American basketball then we cannot forget to mention LeBron James. One of the most decorated basketball stars of all time, LeBron is a huge Liverpool fan. In 2016 he visited the Liverpool home ground Anfield and watched an EPL match. He mentioned later on that the visit has been ‘single best experiences of his life’.

Sylvester Stallone – oscar winning actor Sylvester Stallone is the action hero of Hollywood. The 72 years old Stallone has been supporting Everton Football Club for a long time now. Since 2007, Stallone is following Everton and was so impressed with the club that he even thought of purchasing the club. The actor has appeared at various press meets and mentioned his love for Everton.

Queen Elizabeth II – the iconic English Queen of our Generation Queen Elizabeth II and her family are long term supporters of Arsenal. For more than 50 years the Queen is the most famous fan of the football club. She has even visited the Anfield several times to watch her favourite team playing. She has also hosted the Arsenal team and coach at the Buckingham Palace many times.

David Cameron – former British Prime Minister, David Cameron is very much fond of Aston Villa. Since a young age he followed the club and even after occupying the prestigious position, he visited the club’s home ground with his family to watch several football matches.

So here are some of the top celebrities who love football for a long time now. The love for football has no boundaries and barriers and everyone can enjoy a game of football anytime they want. Similarly, there are several other celebrities who love different football clubs across the globe.