Top Four Uses of Cherry Pickers


Many people know a cherry picker as a basket crane, man lift, or boom lift. It is a high aerial working platform and operates with a hydraulic lifting system. A cherry picker looks quite distinctive, which has an attached cradle or basket next to a long and extendable arm. It allows you to reach your desired height and even some of the most awkward spots.

Cherry pickers have multiple uses to offer, whether you hire them with or without an operator. These machines make it a must to work at height. Let’s find out some of the uses of cherry pickers below.

  1. Picking Fruits from Treetop

The primary purpose of cherry pickers was to pick fruits from the high trees, such as cherries. Many people still use it in fruit orchards to collect hard-to-reach treetop fruits safely and efficiently.

  1. Inspecting or Servicing Wires on Height  

Earlier, engineers used to work off ladders or climb up poles to inspect or service the power cables, telephone wires, or street lighting. It was extremely dangerous to their life. But now, performing these tasks has become significantly easier with cherry pickers that tend to be an excellent way to work at height for said tasks.

  1. Building Maintenance & Window Cleaning

Cherry pickers are the best tools to perform high-level maintenance of building exterior or window cleaning. They are not only safer than traditional ladders but are also easier to erect and move than other similar pieces of machinery like scaffolding towers.

  1. Firefighting & Film Shooting

Cherry pickers allow firefighters to provide fire services on higher floors. They also let the professionals use a safe platform to access tall buildings for rescuing people trapped inside. Many movie directors often use cherry pickers to achieve compelling cinematography from the high aerial view.

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