Top Most Features Of A Boutique Hotel


We all are aware of the boutique hotel. But do you know where the word comes from?  The word boutique hotel was used for the first time in United Kingdom and in North America. The literal meaning of this is small hotels which consist of min 10-100 rooms. All these rooms are decorated with unique settings and with a beautiful arrangement of accommodation. Are you making plan to visit Ipoh city this year? Then what are you waiting for? Just put on your laptop and book the best  boutique hotel at Ipoh city. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I know you are thing why only boutique hotel? Why not others? Don’t get so confused, to give you better knowledge about the boutique hotel we will describe some top characters of boutique hotel. Just have a look and make your mind.

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  • Size- If you planning to visit with your partner or with some of your close friends then boutique hotel at Ipoh city is the best choice as the size of the hotel is small. Only ten to hundred rooms are available. You will feel the coziness over there. The intimate environment, private home type ambiance will give you goosebumps. If members are less this hotel would the best choice for you. For guest interaction, a living space is also there. Isn’t it sounding cool?

  • Individuality- The best part of this hotel is individuality. Independently you can operate your hotel room.

  • Design- I am sure you have seen the varioushotels but have you seen the design of boutique hotel? If you will see you will be awestruck. Antique architecture, the beautiful interior design will fill your mind with happiness. Every travelerwants to stay in a place where they can enjoy peacefully. The boutiquehotel will provide you all the facilities with a stylish decor. Not only is your room guest rooms also decorated individually.

  • Features- The features of these type hotels are not like another hotel. It’s slightly different in nature. Its trendy, funky and kind of offbeat type. So young people like this. They will treat you like home. In some boutique hotel, they keep goldfish in your room so that you won’t feel sad for your pet that you left in the house.

  • Service- After reading this entire have you make your mind to book a boutique hotel? If still confused let me tell you about their service. All the staff members provide personalized service. When you take entry in the hotel they will greet you, as they are waiting only for you. You will get personal service. All the staff will make you feel that you are the precious guest of their hotel

  • Culture– The personality of the hotel is unique. IN many boutique hotels they celebrate the local occasion and ask the guests to participate in that programme. By this, they make the guest involved in their culture. They decorate the hotel on that special day. Sound interesting right? So now onwards whenever you visit alone or with less number of people choose a boutique hotel and take all the facilities.

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