Australia is a dream destination for many, both for visiting and for staying. With its white-sand beaches and lush hinterland, the whole place is beautiful. However, the presence of many insects and arachnids also raises the popularity of the region. People interested in these pests fly in from around the world to marvel at these creatures. Even though the variety of such creatures may be popular among tourists, residents face the challenge of dealing with these pests. Services for doing this are made available in almost every prominent location, like services for pest control in cessnock. If the pests are not taken care of, they can cause severe damage. 

Types of Problematic Pests

The different types of pests that can be harmful are 

1. Crawling insects – They usually come in swarms and love to crawl through any small gaps available into houses. DIY pest control methods are often not effective against such insects.

2. Flying insects – Many of these insects are territorial and can see you as an outsider even though they’re in your house. As a result, they often take shelter under decks or roofs. Adding to their danger, these pests are also very annoying.

3. Rodents – Rodents have been known to carry diseases from a long time back. They are filthy and breed very fast, making them quite hard to get rid of.

4. Termites – Termites are the most rampant pest in Australia, causing damage to approximately one out of five houses. They are very dangerous and can destroy buildings.

Most Rampant in Australia

Let’s look at some of the pests that cause the most damage and methods of dealing with them. 

1. Termites – Termites are very destructive and are on top of the wanted list for pests in Australia. They cause significant damages to buildings, sometimes even damaging the core structure. DIY methods aren’t effective against them, and earlier mentioned services like pest control in cessnock have to be contacted for dealing with them. Regular checks and inspections are also advised to monitor buildings and prevent even early stages of termite infestations.

2. Cockroaches – Cockroaches are said to have been there since a very long time ago. As a species, they survived many disasters that other, more evolved creatures couldn’t handle. Unfortunately, they are also quite dangerous, can spread various diseases, are nocturnal, and multiply pretty fast. However, some DIY methods might be sufficient to control small infestations.

3. Rats – They are also quite common in Australia and can carry many diseases at one time. The diseases they carry are hazardous and can be fatal. Pest control is the way to go in dealing with rats. Their colonies can be identified by teeth marks on cables, clumped hair and droppings.

4. Wasps – Wasp nests are large and can have over 25000 wasps. They prefer cavities like lofts and trees and are a real threat to the safety of people and should be dealt with immediately. One should contact pest control services on seeing a wasp nest.

Pests can destroy more than buildings. They affect children and the elderly much more. Recurrent infestations can also take a toll on finances, and all the hassle can even cause stress and other mental health issues. Diseases like asthma and allergies are also widespread with pests. Termites and rats can even eat off wire coverings and can cause electrocutions. However, one can prevent all this by taking the right measure at the right time, by doing regular inspections and treating issues.